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Alex and Arizona are with Richard going over all of the tests they have done on Andy, and Richard absolutely freaks out over the costs, especially as they have found nothing. She wants the 3D MRI and even normally-brooding Alex pipes up to add that this kid has been to the ER four times in three weeks with the meds not working. But the Chief is way too concerned about numbers and not about those pesky things called patients, whose satisfaction might lead to things like better rankings. He tells the doctors that one of them would have to put up the $5,000 for the test, or they can go to his Board meeting that afternoon, "And explain why you're running this hospital like it's a charity!" Or running it like, well, a hospital. Potato-Po-tah-to. Alex sneers as the Chief flounces out, and can't believe it when Arizona starts to cry. She mumbles that she has authority issues and tells Alex to walk away.

The mood isn't any better elsewhere when Bailey storms up to Cristina to demand where she gets off killing a patient. She thinks Cristina talked her out of the surgery, and Cristina tries to defend herself that she was answering a patient's questions and Bailey had left the room. As we all know Cristina is not a snuggly teddy bear, especially when confronted in this manner, she maybe doesn't take the best approach to the situation by yelling back. Bailey informs her that she left to give their "fragile" patient time to accept what was going on and that then she would have come back and discussed the surgery, "With I'm certain more tact and sensitivity than you've ever displayed in all the time that I've known you." Well... yes. Bailey is wound up and kind of out of her mind, but that's a pretty fair statement, actually. Cristina, however, is pissed and starts to argue in defense of herself. Bailey isn't having any of it, and tells Cristina that in the future she's to answer no questions and to get Bailey to do it.

Day 22. Cristina's mood can now best be described as "maniacally perky" as she sucks on a popsicle with Izzie and Mere while Izzie gets another IL2 treatment. These are special "cancer pops" that aren't sold in the cafeteria, and Cristina wonders why the cancer patients get all the fun. Mere and Izzie just glare at her but seriously, how is this worse than any number of things Cristina has said in the past? Izzie, I'm sure, is just mad about it now because it actually pertains to her. They choose to ignore Cristina and Mere asks Izzie how she's feeling -- not looking forward to the impending vomit, but otherwise okay. In the same perky voice, Cristina jumps in like they didn't just say something and announces that Bailey is on a rampage and laughs, "I think it's Post O'Malley Stress Disorder." Mere tells Izzie that she's not dealing with her grief, but I am not quite sure if she's talking about Cristina or Bailey, as both are having that problem. Cristina comes back that she sounds like Hunt's shrink, and Mere explains to Izzie that Dr. Amy is keeping them from having sex so she's grumpy and inappropriate. Izzie grasps onto that like a drowning girl to a rope and asks if Derek is also withholding sex. When Mere asks why, Izzie explains that Alex is withholding everything. "It's like he's afraid but I don't know what he's afraid of." Here, let's shorten this storyline by 20 minutes with the really obvious answer: he's afraid of breaking you because you nearly died right after he married you. See? That was easy. But, this is supposed to fill an hour so Cristina flippantly says he's afraid of the cancer cells, which is just such a dumb statement for a doctor I can't swallow it. Mere exclaims and Izzie tells her to shut up and that she's not contagious; Cristina tells her she knows and she would totally have sex with Izzie.

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