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It looks like that place across from Callie and Cristina was available and that Mark bought or rented it and is already moving in. He's asking Lexie if she's sure she doesn't want a drawer, or even a toothbrush or a change of undies there, and she giggles but she's sure. She reminds him that she has to focus as she's becoming a resident today. Wow, there was no indication of that especially given what a big deal the exam was for our regular gang a couple of seasons ago. Callie runs out from across the hall wearing a dress and holding two others. She is nervous and excited as it's her first day at Mercy West and she wants to look nice but also hardcore and awesome. He tells her to wear one of the ones she is holding, so she hands the dresses over to Lexie and proceeds to skip down to her skivvies as Lexie's jaw hits the floor. Mark watches casually and then declares the new dress to be better, and Lexie tries her hardest to smile and be casual. Mark tells Callie she's an attending and to go kick ass, and she happily swans back into her apartment. Lexie finally finds her voice and asks Mark if he forgot to mention that his, "hot, hardcore, ex-sex-friend lives right across the hall." He seems genuinely casual about it and asks if he did, but Lexie is still completely shocked.

The Chief is driving in his car, practicing his speech in which he defends the job and tries to convince the Board not to fire him. Of course he then runs a red light because he is too deep in thought and gets hit.

He's taken, protesting, into Mercy West where Callie is confused to see him but he is relieved to see a face he knows. She is clearly savoring the exam as well as recommending that he get stitches. The intern is surprised that they know each other and Callie pointedly asks him if they worked together for five or six years. She then reminds Richard that this is a teaching hospital and because of that, her first-day intern gets to take care of him. When she leaves the intern assures Richard that it's actually his eighth day. Richard then asks him what kind of sutures he'll be using and doesn't like the answer -- he wants the ones that will help him heal faster. The intern knows that but points out that they've had budget cuts, and Richard grits his teeth at having to take a spoonful of his own medicine. He asks the kid if he likes it there and of course he does -- he's getting to do an unsupervised procedure on his eighth day! Richard considers this as he gets to work.

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