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Day 23. Amanda is still sitting outside on the bench, looking morose and lost. Mere looks at her and gives a half-smile but Amanda doesn't smile back.

Cristina, for all of her tough attitude, is clearly serious about Hunt getting better because she's in Dr. Amy's office with him having an appointment. She runs down facts about his life but it's all very clinical, and Hunt tells her this isn't a book report. She is just trying to show that she knows things about him, and when Dr. Amy speaks up, Cristina cuts her off (clearly nervous) to say that he knows things about her too, because they talk all the time. She then goes completely off her rocker and asks, "Honey?" which just makes Hunt laugh, it's so out of character. Dr. Amy, though, wants to make sure that Hunt is comfortable with her. Cristina immediately says he is but the look on Owen's face says differently, and he gives Dr. Amy permission to talk to Cristina, who seems confused and even a little worried. Dr. Amy asks if they ever talk about the war or the choking incident. Cristina is quiet as she goes on to say that his PTSD is fed by his not talking about these things, and if they have sex they'll get so wrapped up in that he'll feel like he never has to talk about it. "He'll feel he has everything he needs, until he doesn't." That is why she wants them to wait. Cristina seems to be absorbing just how serious this whole thing is.

Lexie is writing another email for Clara as Clara writhes in pain on the bed. When she asks Lexie to read it back to her, however, Lexie very seriously reads an email she wrote about being in an accident, having 17 (!) surgeries so far, and having an infection she's refusing to treat. The email says that she's going to die and asks her mom to come quickly, and that if she's too late she loves her and thanks her for "making me from scratch." Clara's incensed but her anger is tempered by the fact that she can barely get words out for all the pain. Lexie tells her she either hits the button that calls the nurses who will take Clara into surgery or she'll hit send. When Clara counters that she'll sue the hospital, Lexie points out that she'll be dead. Finally, Clara whimpers, "Please," which Lexie interprets to mean she's calling the nurses.

Back at Mercy West, Callie goes to see her next patient who turns out to be Andy, having been referred there by Arizona. Callie's confused but Pam hands over copies of all of his paperwork and tells her that they don't sleep anymore because of his pain and she feels like a terrible mom because she can't do anything. Andy tries to stop her tirade but she is desperate and continues, telling Callie that Arizona said they need a 3D MRI, and that she won't want to do it because there appears to be no reason to run it, but that's what he needs. Callie is about to protest but Pam cuts her off to say that she can't be useless and neither can Callie. Callie clearly didn't expect to have her old job cross paths with her new job so many times already.

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