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Bailey is doing Clara's surgery and is still mighty pissed at Cristina. She says that the surgery is more complicated than it would have been the day before but she will still be fine. She again knocks Cristina for threatening a colostomy bag, especially when this didn't involve the girl's colon. I feel like, if that's true that she said the wrong thing, that might have come up before now? Cristina swallows a retort and instead asks evenly how she can help, but Bailey only spits, "Oh, you've done enough."

After the surgery, Bailey stomps down the hall and Cristina runs after her, yelling that she answered a patient's questions which was in fact her job required by law and the oath she took. Bailey just gapes at her and Cristina says, "If you know a way to sugarcoat a colostomy bag, I would like to hear it." So... I guess the colostomy bag part was a possible outcome after all? I'm very confused. But not confusing is Bailey's fury, and she retorts, "If you know a more respectful way to speak to an attending surgeon, I'd like to hear that. Until you do, you don't talk to me." She informs Cristina that she's off her service and as Cristina asks in a yell what her problem is, she just storms out.

Mark and Derek are watching as Richard has a meeting with the board in an all-glass conference room. Mark explains for all of us that everyone is freaking out, wondering the meanings of all of these meetings. I guess if there have been multiple meetings so far then Richard might have talked his way into saving his job after all? Mark knows Richard and Derek are close so asks if he has any inside info, and Derek tells him that Richard is retiring and making him Chief. Mark is stunned but is able to offer congratulations, and once he shakes Derek's hand, Derek can't keep a straight face any longer. But Mark then seriously wants to know what is going on, and Derek says that he has no idea. I'm not sure if I totally believe it, but okay.

Arizona is sitting in Callie's apartment fiddling with a cigarette and a lighter. Callie comes in and Arizona jumps up and offers both red and white wine and babbles about how she only smokes occasionally when she knows she'll be in trouble, "Like now." Callie calls her on her totally inappropriate behavior but then is taken back by the smoking, and Arizona uses the pause to defend that she had run out of options. Callie yells at her a bit about how it's an expensive procedure and the Chief had every reason to turn her down. But of course she did actually run it though it turned out negative. Callie pours some wine as Arizona looks at the films (and we see a donut box on the counter) and they start to talk out options.

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