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Derek is waiting in Richard's office and when Richard arrives, he tries to push him off and says he's busy. Derek says he's busy scoping Mercy West and pointedly tells him that he assumes Richard would tell him if there's anything he needs to know, and is he leaving? Richard chalks all that up to rumors but Derek points out there's tons of rumors and Jennings will no longer return his calls. Richard asks why he's calling at all and gets quite angry as he says he'll tell when there is something to tell, and then has the gall to accuse Derek of going behind his back. Richard has been a mess before, but this is the most single-minded and self-centered I think we've ever seen him. Derek rightfully won't let him finish and tells Richard not to forget that Derek is the one who actually has his back.

Arizona catches him storming out and runs after him to have him look at the film from the 3D MRI, even though he won't see anything. She thinks that Andy has a tethered spinal cord, and she needs one more test to be sure. Derek tells her to run it but she then explains that if she does she'll be fired. Realizing that this is something that came from Richard, Derek is then all over it and tells her to follow him.

Clara is standing on her prosthetic leg while Lexie and a therapist help her up. She's stony-faced and demands to stop, which her helpers don't really listen to until she loses her balance and sits down. The therapist tells her that this is where the hard part begins, not realizing that while that works for some people, this is the very wrong patient to tell that to. Lexie looks like she just had that very thought, in fact, and Clara looks defeated.

As Andy goes into some machine for this test, Derek smiles at Arizona and she finally gets the McDreaminess of it all. I love that Alex sneers at this. She asks if Derek knows they call him that, and then realizes that she's gotten all gooey and assures him she's in a relationship in case he thought this was a come-on. Have she and Callie gone public with their relationship? I thought so but maybe not if she needs to point it out. She then congratulates him on getting married but Alex can't handle that and says until he's, "sweating it out in a morning coat with a ball of white taffeta coming at you, you're not really married." Everyone laughs, but there's really a nasty tone I can't stomach in what he says. Derek then confidently says he's consummated his marriage, how about Alex? "Girls talk. You might want to consider that the next time you judge my post-it." Rowr, that's the most McDreamy I've seen him in a good long time.

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