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Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

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Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
THIS is an exam." George walks in. "What? Wha? Does Izzie know about this?" Hee. Cristina tells George to unbunch his panties; they're helping Alex study. George: "I can't hear you when his hand is on your boob?" Aw, George. Alex takes his hand off Cristina's boob, for which George thanks them. Cristina explains about the boards, then her pager conveniently goes off. "He's all yours, Georgie! Do your worst!" George looks at Alex warily: "You're not giving me a rectal, and don't ask me to cough."

Cristina finds Burke, and asks if he paged her. Burke says coldly that he didn't see a psych consult scheduled for Justin. Cristina says she tried, but couldn't get one until January. Burke: "You disrespected me. You mocked me in my OR. That can't happen." Cristina nearly starts to argue, then checks herself and says it won't happen again. Burke can't believe she equated his spirituality with a belief in Santa Claus. Cristina says science is the one thing they have in common. "I'm an intern, and you're not. I'm a slob, and you're not. I say I want to keep our relationship private, and you go and tell the chief...and then you ask me to move in with you, and now you're religious? I don't know what we're doing." I'll say. Burke says that, right now, they're working, and to page him if Justin spikes a fever. And, he adds, tell Justin's mom to hire a therapist -- or a priest -- anyone Justin will talk to. He storms off, and Cristina sighs heavily for about the hundredth time this week.

Izzie tells Tim's husband and kids that he's going to be fine, and is just now waking up from surgery. They all troop into the room, and the kids immediately begin their adorable kid routine. One of them says she'll "kiss it better," and another starts singing a Christmas song. Tim, however, is not as into it this time around. Dramatic music starts to play as Tim bellows, "Damn it, Leah, SHUT UP! I can't stand that INSIPID SONG!" Oh, wow. Daddy's mad. The kids all grab onto Tim's wife as he yells at all of them to get out, get the hell out, all of them! One of the kids yells at McDreamy, "You stupid shepherd! You broke my daddy's brain!" Or...fixed it? You decide. Commercials.

When we come back, McDreamy is telling Izzie to page him and get a CT if Tim doesn't improve in a couple of hours. Izzie actually tries to tell McDreamy that maybe his anti-holiday venom poisoned Tim's brain on some unconscious level. "I mean, he trusted you to be his...shepherd!" Oh, Izzie. McDreamy: "Dr. Stevens, you should be a little embarrassed." Izzie: "I am." McDreamy: "Good." God help us all.

Justin's mom is putting up a little Christmas tree in his room, when Cristina walks in and tells her that's not allowed in the CCU. Mom brushes it off: "Oh, that's never really been enforced." Cristina rolls her eyes, and says the surgery went smoothly, but it's too soon to tell how Justin's really doing. Mom pulls some paper snowflakes out of a box as Cristina checks Justin's vitals, and says he's really a good boy, but he's been down at this difficult time. "But Father Mike will be able to talk to him," she smiles. Aw, Mom. Cristina says no offense, but Justin doesn't seem to be a fan of the holidays, and doesn't believe in Santa. Mom says yes, well, a mother's job is to protect her child's innocence. "This Christmas could be his last time." Unbeknownst to Mom, Justin has woken up. He croaks, "That's what you said last year. And the Christmas before that." Oops. Mom goes over to hug him, and tells him he's her big strong boy. "Santa brought you back to me!" Cristina can't take it anymore; she jerks the Christmas lights out of the wall and starts wheeling the tree out. "Sorry. CCU regulations." I know, I know, Mom is out of control. Still: heartless!

Bailey and Mere are in surgery. Bailey stops suddenly and turns away from the patient, making some hilarious nausea sounds. Mere asks if she's okay. Bailey: "Mmm hm. Just don't wanna throw up in the body cavity." Heeeee. She says she just needs a minute. "When you operate, the rest of the world goes away. No thirst, pain...but it's not that way when you're sharing your body with another person." Mere asks if she can't find someone to take over. Bailey says what she wants her to find is a strawberry milkshake, extra-thick. "Nausea. Comes with the hunger, Grey. GO!"

Cut to George, trying and failing to put on an East Coast accent for Alex. "My t'roat! It's like, wicked so-ah, yo. Plus I got, like, all dese sick breakouts?" OH MY GOD, I do believe that Christmas has come early this year. Alex tries not to fall over from embarrassment for George, and tells him that he'd like to inspect his tonsils. Just then, Izzie walks up. She asks George if he's sick, and Alex fesses up to, like, the millionth person today that he failed his boards and the others are helping him study. Izzie: "You failed your...YOU'RE HELPING HIM?" George says just to study! Nothing else! Not putting on crazy accents and pretending he's Marky Mark! Izzie tells him he's unbelievable. George gets up and starts running after Izzie, but turns back to tell Alex, "I was doing mono. The whole acne thing was just being a teenager." Heh.

George catches up with Izzie, who starts bitching incessantly about George being disloyal and she can't believe him, and as soon as she turns her back, they're best friends, blah blah. Shut up, Izzie. Mere sees them and tries to explain to Izzie that Alex's exam is tomorrow. Izzie: "He CHEATED on me!" Walk walk walk stomp mad shut up please. "He CHEATED on me!" Cristina passes by, all, "I told you she'd find out." Izzie: "Oh, of COURSE you're in on it. He CHEATED on me! With George's skanky syph nurse!" Jesus gay, SOMEBODY turn her off! It would be a Christmas miracle. Mere finally yells, "We KNOW he cheated on you, that's why we let you turn the house into Santa's freaking Village." She goes on to say that they're not big on holidays, but are trying to be supportive, because she's having a hard time -- but right now, Alex is having a harder time. Izzie asks why they even care what time he's having. Mere: "Because he's Dirty Uncle Sal." Ha! Everyone stares, and Mere has to explain that Alex is Dirty Uncle Sal, the one who embarrasses everyone at family reunions and can't be left alone with the teenage girls, but you invite him to the picnic anyway. "I have a mother who doesn't recognize me. As far as family goes, this hospital, you guys, are it. I know you're pissed at Alex, but maybe you could try to help him anyway. Sort of like in the spirit of this holiday you keep shoving down everybody's throats!" Yay! Izzie finally shuts up, and Mere walks off, and I love her.

Scene skipped.

Oh, FINE. It's Nadia's family, and they're all in there yelling that something's wrong with her. And something, uh, kind of is involving her vomiting blood. George runs in and sees that she needs surgery immediately. He yells at a nurse to prep her now, while her family SCREAMS in the background. Loudly.

Mere finally brings an impatient Bailey her shake. She takes big, nausea-fighting gulps as George runs in and says Nadia's ulcer has perforated, and she's vomiting blood by the pint. Bailey asks desperately if the chief is back, and they say no. She tells both of them to scrub in, and downs her shake as fast as she can. Aw.

McDreamy looks at Tim's CT, and sees that he has another bleed, which is probably causing this personality change. He tells Izzie to prep an OR while he talks to Tim's wife. As Izzie walks out, Addison walks in and tries to say hello. Izzie pretends she doesn't exist. Addison: "Nice talking to you!" Heh. Addison tells McDreamy she'll never speak to her again, and McDreamy ignores her as well. Addison says she's feeling strangely invisible today. McDreamy's all, "Huh?" Addison sees he's doing another surgery, and says she guesses dinner and shopping is out. McDreamy says it's not gonna happen tonight; he's sorry. Addison: "No, you're not, I'm just trying to figure out why you're n

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