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George sits at a table in a hospital conference room and stares at nothing. Izzie enters and sits next to him. She apologizes to him, and he asks her, "What's wrong with having a lot of sex if it makes me feel better?" Izzie: "Do you? Feel better?" He asks her if lying on the bathroom floor made her feel better. Izzie: "Maybe you're not supposed to feel better." And then he tells her that there's nothing she can do for him that will help him. He stands up to leave, and she tells him, "I have to let you go." But she stops him for one last thing, and then gives him a hug. And after a second he hugs her back. Izzie: "Life is short, George. Life is short, and it sucks a lot of the time. And if being with Callie makes you happy, then go, be with Callie." She lets him go, but he grabs her back and hugs her some more. And obviously she's not going to shun him and he's not moving away. But it's nice to see her realize that she can't be the one to take care of him and make things right for him. They're both crying when he leaves.

And then Bailey walks into the room and asks if George is going to be okay. Izzie thinks he will. Izzie asks how the clinic is going, and Bailey tells her that she got the signatures she needed to open "the Seattle Grace Free Clinic." And then Izzie gets a look on her face and says, "the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic." Because she's going to give Bailey $8 million to make it happen.

Meredith closes the door on her wardrobe (in her bedroom), and sees Derek in the mirror behind her. He's surprised that she left the hospital without him. She doesn't respond, and he realizes she's not talking to him. So he apologizes for being a jerk. Meredith: "You yelled me for no reason, and then you walked away. And then you show up here?" Derek: "Of course I showed up. Why wouldn't I?" He tells her that occasional fights, followed by apologies, are normal parts of relationships. That's a surprise to her, and he realizes that she's never been in a relationship that got to the point of occasional arguments. He tells her, "From now on, you can expect that I'm gonna show up. Even if I yell. Even if you yell. I'm always gonna show up. Okay?" That's okay with Meredith. They kiss, and she tells him he'll be a great Chief. And now Mere's V.O. starts going on about expectations of greatness and how it feels when they don't work out.

Addison is walking down some stairs at the hospital when she sees Alex in his civvies, clearly headed home. She tells him that she has an emergency surgery and asks him if he'd like to scrub in.

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