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Down the hall, Izzie knocks on George's door. She's bearing a plate of baked goods. As she describes the various brownies and muffins, Callie runs out of George's door all frantic. Callie's in her bra and throwing on a shirt as she tells Izzie, "Thank God you're here. I can't take it anymore. Three times already tonight, and he's getting ready for a fourth." Someone should tell George that if you take one of those pills and your erection lasts longer than four hours, you should see a doctor. Although I suppose he is. Not that anything they're doing is part of any treatment recognized by the A.M.A. Callie, still talking a mile a minute, says that she knows everyone grieves in their own way, "but this is not about grieving. This is about my legs being bent in ways my legs do not go." As Callie keeps talking about how much pain she's in, Izzie just looks more and more creeped out. Izzie tries to leave so George and Callie can have some privacy, but Callie (almost finished getting dressed) tells her to stay and "take over for me." This draws a loud protest from Izzie, but Callie tells her that she just means for Izzie to be his friend and take over "George Watch 2007." The two of them are talking over each other in loud whispers and then we hear George casually call out Callie's name. Callie and Izzie stare at the bedroom door as if some horror movie monster is on the other side of it. And then Callie takes off running. Naked George opens the door and finds Izzie and her platter of pastries standing there. She can't help but gawk at Little George. He hides behind the door and asks where Callie is. Izzie, awkwardly: "Uh, she had to go. You hungry?"

Morning at Seattle Grace. Alex walks up behind Addison. She awkwardly tells him that she is totally and completely fine, and he accuses her of avoiding him since their kiss a week ago. She denies it, and he walks away. Callie passes Addison, who tells her, "I kissed Karev." Callie: "George has become a sex machine." Both of them: "Hmm." They walk away in opposite directions. I like the friendship between these two. And if it's been a week since George's dad died, and if he's been going at it with Callie that entire time, I can understand why she's sore.

In the locker room, Izzie is telling the other interns (but not George) that George has become a sex machine: "Are you hearing me? A machine of sex. We have to do something." Like what? Climb on board? Nobody else seems to care in the slightest. Izzie asks what's wrong with everyone, and Meredith tells her that Derek kept her up all night ranting about the Chief, and that Cristina is still not speaking to Burke. Meredith doesn't know what's wrong with Alex. He completely overcompensates when he tells them that everything is just fine. Izzie goes through the litany of all the things that are wrong with her (dead fiancé, nearly ruined career, mandatory psychiatric care) and tells them that if George is losing it, she needs one of the others to pull it together and lend a hand. But probably not the hand George really could use right now. George enters the locker room and asks, "Anyone seen Callie? I kind of need to find her for something." George, you might want to close your lab coat -- scrubs aren't really the best clothes to hide your boner.

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