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Izzie walks down the hallway with George and tells him, "Last I heard, perpetual sex is not one of the five stages of grief. But denial is." George denies it and tells her it's rude to listen at other people's doors. She points out that she kind of couldn't miss him since she saw him standing their naked. George: "I blocked that out." Izzie: "Denial." They find Addison standing around the corner, and Izzie asks her if sex is just another form of denial. Addison takes the question a bit personally and asks them, "What do you know?" What I know is that she has another pair of awesome glasses -- the frames are brown plastic on the outer face and white plastic on the inside. The shape, and the contrast in color are just perfect for her face and coloration. Other than me, nobody in this conversation has the slightest idea what anyone else is talking about. After a few seconds, George tells Addison that what they know is that she has a case for them to work on.

The Chief, dressed in a very sharp suit, enters the elevator. Before the doors can close, both Bailey and Derek come running up, calling his name. (Or his title, really.) They both arrive at the elevator doors at the same time, but there is no way a lightweight like Derek is going to beat out Miranda Bailey. The Chief tells her that she can talk to him in the elevator because he has to get to a very important meeting. He makes the same offer to Derek, if he can talk fast. Derek: "Mine's not fast. It's epic." Derek lets the elevator doors close, leaving Bailey and the Chief together. She asks him why he's so dressed up. Rather than answer, he tells her, "You have the length of this elevator ride, Miranda. Use it well." Unlike some forum posters, it only takes one reminder for her to get on topic, and she tells him that she want the hospital to open a free clinic. She acknowledges that there may be reasons it's a bad idea, but he points out that the main problem is that a free clinic has nothing to do with surgery. He resists and she persists. He eventually tells her that he'll think about it if she can get the support of the department heads. He runs off to his meeting, and she looks thoughtful.

Addison, George, and Izzie are in an exam room with two pretty young women. One is a patient and the other is her friend. It's not clear for a while whether they are friends or "friends" (you know, the kind of friends that make Isaiah Washington say bad words). But there's no sapphic barn raising going on in this episode, if you catch my drift. Anyway, Jillie is the blonde patient, and her brunette friend is Rachel. Jillie has been having some bleeding and cramps, so Rachel dragged her in to the hospital on their one mutual day off from work at the restaurant. Addison explains that, since this is a teaching hospital, she wanted to have one of the interns conduct the pelvic exam. Jillie gives her okay and Izzie steps up to bat. Except with a speculum, not a bat. While Izzie preps for the exam, Jillie and Rachel chat, and we learn that they do everything together (um, except for that one thing that they don't do together) and that they were born two days apart. Apparently they're members of the Jets, as Rachel tells the doctors that the two of them are together "from cradle to grave." Once Izzie gets down to examining Jillie, she asks Addison to take a look. Addison rolls her eyes a bit, as if she expects to have to explain that all women have that dangly bit of flesh, but once she actually gets into the matter (so to speak), she looks concerned herself. Addison is about to tell Jillie what they're seeing when Jillie stops her to tell her that George should get a chance to ogle her before they proceed. George doesn't need to see much before looking pretty shocked. Rachel is getting kind of antsy, and jumps to the conclusion that Jillie must be pregnant. Jillie's not pregnant, and she clearly knows what's going on. Commercials.

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