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In the hallway outside Jillie's room, George and Izzie talk about her very, very large cervical tumor. Rachel walks out of the room and, near tears, asks if Jillie has cancer. It will take a while to get biopsy results, and Rachel begs them to let her know before they tell Jillie so that she (Rachel) can keep it together when they give the news to Jillie. George tells Rachel that this would be a good time to call Jillie's parents or other family, and Rachel tells them that both girls left home when they were sixteen and haven't been back since. Not unkindly, Izzie tells Rachel that, under the circumstances they're facing, Jillie may very well change her mind and want her family. Rachel: "I am her family. She is my family. I'm not contacting her parents, and neither are you."

Mark leads Meredith and Alex into a patient's room. Mark introduces them as "annoying interns," and then tells them that the patient is actually semi-comatose and has serious bedsores. So their job is to clean his wounds, change his dressings, and reposition him every two hours. Apparently, that's going to take up all of the interns' time. And yet Mark doesn't seem to care. He also tells them that having the two of them take care of the patient is his going away present to the nurses. And in case anyone didn't get the "going away" part of that, he tells them that he's doing one last rhinoplasty before leaving Seattle forever. Oh man, my prayers have been answered.

Bailey accosts McDreamy in the hallway. He's kind of bitter about losing out on the Chief's time. When she asks him to support the free clinic, he tells her, "That kind of project requires logistic, strategic and administrative components. Something the Chief does. Apparently I'm not cut out for that kind of work." Didn't the Chief tell Bailey to get the support of the department heads? Doesn't that mean, like, the head of radiology or the chief of medicine? Why is she talking to another surgeon? In fact, why aren't there any other doctors working at this damn hospital?

Cristina and Callie walk down a corridor, and Cristina asks how George is doing. Callie says that he seems fine, but he has a "voracious appetite." Cristina was apparently not listening to Izzie earlier, because she thinks Callie is talking about George stuffing his face. With food, you perverts. When Callie explains it, Cristina grabs her hand and tells her, "Okay, we're not friends. You and I are not friends. So please don't talk to me about what George eats." Callie: "Okay, I was just concerned, and I thought you'd be concerned. But you know what, forget it. I don't like you."

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