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Cristina is giving the runner an update on his completely nonsurgical case, telling him that he's dehydrated and that his muscles are breaking down and that they want him to be in better shape before they release him. She tells him that his knee looks fine, and he tells her that his whole leg is kind of sore. So she pulls the sheet back and sees that his legs are grossly swollen. And then it's all "emergency" and "trauma" and overhead shots of his fat, fat legs. Callie is summoned, and the patient is suddenly in extreme pain. And then Callie and Cristina take some scalpels and cut the guy's legs open. Commercials.

The Chief examines the runner and wonders why his kidneys are failing so quickly. And then Callie realizes that the aspirin, the dehydration, and the running all got together and decided to kill this guy. Or something. This is why I don't exercise -- it will clearly kill you. And then it's off to the O.R. to perform more surgery.

In a hallway, Izzie tries to get George to join her for lunch. Unfortunately, he was hoping to get in a quick nooner with Callie. Izzie says his name like she's going to lecture him, but she's actually just trying to point out that Mr. and Mrs. Jillie are still there, sitting stiffly in a waiting room. And then George runs off to try to fuck his girlfriend.

Alex runs into Addison in the hallway and forcibly pulls her into a supply closet. I see he went to the Danny Tripp school of romance. Oh, but he's not there to snog her. Instead, he wants to talk. He accuses her of avoiding him because she egotistically assumes that everyone who looks at her wants her. My impression from the forums is that there's more than a little truth to that. He tells her that he has no interest in her romantically and only kissed her because she was his boss. So you mean she sexually harassed you, Alex? He tells her that he'd really like to get back to working with her if she would just stop avoiding him. Alex: "It happened. But it doesn't have to happen again." I love how the music gets all whimsical in this scene, as if the notion of an intern behaving responsibly with regard to inappropriate relationships with an attending is just so wild and crazy.

Derek runs into Mark and tells him that he's heard he's leaving. But Mark is, in fact, not leaving. Now that he's heard there might be a chance for promotion at Seattle Grace he's decided to stick around and try to get the Chief's job. He also tells Derek that he heard the news from Meredith.

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