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Callie and Cristina are scrubbing in for the surgery on runner man. Cristina is pretty impressed with how decisive and downright crazy Callie was with the whole leg slicing thing. Callie was pretty impressed by Cristina, adding, "Not that we're, uh, friends or anything." Good Lord, does everyone on this show have to like everyone else? We're heading for a place where Mark will be the only one that everyone else dislikes. Cristina gets serious and asks why Callie is worried about George. It's because he doesn't talk about his dad, or about anything. Cristina thinks talking is overrated. Callie wonders if that means Cristina is still not speaking to Burke. Cristina wonders how she knows, and Callie responds that she heard it from George. Cristina: "So you talked about that." Yes, but it was a week ago. Callie: "This keeps up, you and Burke might be the very last thing we ever talk about." I don't know, there's always things like "do you have any more condoms?" or "why don't we try this position?" Callie asks Cristina what the last thing was that she and Burke talked about. Cristina doesn't answer, either because she can't remember or because it's an unpleasant memory. Callie: "Silence is overrated."

Izzie examines Jillie, and for once Rachel is not in the room. Izzie tells her that her parents are still there. She also points out that since she (Izzie) didn't call Jillie's parents, it's not hard to figure out that Jillie did. And that she had to do it at least a day or so beforehand, or else her parents couldn't have arrived so quickly. It turns out that Jillie went to an E.R. and found out about the tumor, but didn't have money to see a specialist. She got scared and called her parents, but sent them away to spare Rachel's feelings. You see, Rachel was shunned for wanting to leave the community after being baptized. Jillie was her best friend and couldn't let her go alone. Jillie wasn't yet baptized, so she was free to leave with Rachel and return. But if she goes back, Rachel can't come with her, and she feels an obligation to stay with Rachel. But she really does seem to want to go back. (And she calls herself Amish, so that ends that question.) She reminds Izzie that she's promised Rachel that they'll be together "cradle to grave."

In the O.R., Addison is operating on Jillie. Addison PSAs about the need to get regular pap smears, because cervical cancer is highly treatable if caught early. So listen up, ladies -- let's not have any dying from diseases we can cure. Bailey jumps on this chance to ask Addison for her support for the free clinic. George and Izzie are also in this crowded O.R. Izzie asks why Bailey wants to open a free clinic. Her only answer is "because." Addison clearly only wants to discuss the surgery, not the clinic. And then Addison sees the tumor and finds that it's invaded other organs beyond the cervix, which means Jillie's cancer is stage 4. Which also means that they can't continue with the surgery. And since this is exactly what happened with George's father (except that they continued the surgery at the patient's insistence), George becomes upset and runs away. Addison is confused, but Izzie realizes immediately what's going on. Commercials.

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