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Izzie is walking along and through a window she sees Jillie's parents holding each other in a tender embrace.

In an O.R., the Chief, Callie, and Cristina perform surgery on running man. The Chief hears that running man ran twelve miles before collapsing and says that he must be insane. Cristina points out that nobody could realize that a cold and two aspirin could be fatal. And then Callie notes that running man must have felt some symptoms before he collapsed -- he should have had the good sense then to stop running. But Cristina thinks that if you're in it to win, you have to push yourself beyond your limits. And then she makes the metaphorical leap to surgery as a race which all surgeons are out to win. The Chief tells her, "It's a long road, Dr. Yang. When you get to the end of it, you're not gonna care about winning. You're just gonna be relieved that you made it to the finish line." If I ever find myself undergoing surgery at Seattle Grace, remind me to ask them to spend less time gabbing and more time operating.

And then Derek bursts into an office and yells at Meredith for telling Mark about the Chief. He's mad at her for giving Mark a reason to stay. He yells and then walks away, as assholes often do. Meredith calls after him, but he doesn't respond.

And now we see Bailey trying to pigeonhole Burke into supporting her clinic. It turns out that she's actually asking them for more than just moral support; she wants the attendings to volunteer a few hours each week in the clinic. Burke tells her that he can't deal with any more distractions at the moment. Bailey: "You owe me!" Burke: "What?" Bailey: "When you had that tremor, you cut me out of surgery after surgery, made me feel like I was the one who couldn't do her job. You made me doubt myself. You owe me this." He tells her, "You need someone who can provide leadership, direction to the project. I'm not that man." Bailey: "Not anymore." I don't know -- maybe there's some magic rehab center he can check into that will help him get his mojo back.

Jillie is sleeping after her surgery while Rachel sits by her bed. Izzie tells Rachel how much Jillie is going to go through over the next few months and how much help she's going to need. Rachel is adorable as she takes her little notepad out of her purse and asks Izzie for the names of the doctors and medicines she's going to need to learn about. Izzie steps up and tells her, "Rachel, you can't be everything. It's too hard. Jillie has parents who love her. They love her, and they're here, and she wants to go home." Rachel denies that's true and Izzie tells her that Jillie was the one who called her parents. Izzie tells her that Jillie is dying. Rachel is taken aback, but is smart enough to know that she's still within the "cradle to grave" commitment that she and Jillie made to each other. Izzie: "It's possible that the very best thing you can do for her, if you love her, is let her go." Izzie leaves Rachel to mull this over.

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