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We Bought a Zoo
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We pick up right where we left off last week, with a somewhat manic Callie having just pitched the idea to Derek, Meredith, and Arizona that they buy Seattle Grace (/Mercy West? Is that still a thing?) in order to save it from the Pegasus scourge. Just a reminder about my policy towards voice-over on this show: I don't pay any attention to it. Nine years of watching this show have led me to physically tune it out, and on the rare occasion when I can actually hear the frequency on which Meredith's VO operates, I will only remark upon it if it makes crucial narrative sense to do so. Which it hardly ever does. Anyway, so Arizona wants Callie to keep it down because the babies just went down to sleep, but Callie is HYPED. She makes the case again: there will be no ER, no research, no time to interact with patients, and from the research she's done, any and all dissent from the doctors gets squashed, thus they all start leaving. Callie doesn't want to leave. "We have to buy the hospital!" Derek wants her to slow down, but Mere thinks she might be right. Arizona, however, is the most adamant of the four against the idea. She's not interested in hospital administration -- she and Derek have just now gotten back to work, after all. "Don't you want to just work?" Derek also chimes in that making your own decisions is not all it's cracked up to be -- he had that job once and he hated it. He mentions the deal he made with Pegasus to help facilitate the sale, though he doesn't get into the particulars of the gaudy posters. But he thinks maybe that's the way to make it work -- play their game but change things from the inside. Arizona wants to know what Hunt thinks, since he's pretty invested in the sale.

Yeah, about that: Cristina and Owen are busy trying out new things in bed. She's ignoring Meredith's calls, while Owen ignores a call from Cahill that causes Cristina's eyebrows to arch. Owen says she just wants to strategize about the sale. Cristina: "At 3am? I bet she does." He says the nurses threatening a walkout, which could threaten the sale, since basically if anybody leaves, it could lower the value of the hospital NOT LIKE WE'RE SAYING ANYBODY COULD LEAVE OR ANYTHING. But Owen ignores the call like a good husband. Cristina tries to assure him that nothing is going to threaten the sale, but she could be more convincing. Owen's got so much on his shoulders -- the fate of the whole hospital, in fact. It's easy to see why he'd want to stay in a bubble with Cristina for a bit more. (Also, kudos to Cristina for ignoring what must increasingly seem like a legit emergency from Her Person in order to give Owen her full attention. Seems like turning an emotional corner, to me.)

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