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Back at the hospital, Lawyer Roma Maffia is hollering at Cahill and Owen about how the sale is dead now, and they'd better think up something quick. Cahill's confidence is badly shaken -- she doesn't think she'll be able to find another buyer once the hospital-buying community gets word of the defections. Owen's like, "You can and you must and you WILL, God damn it." He says everybody he thought was in his corner just abandoned him, so she's all he's got left. Uh-oh. I don't like that phrasing one bit. "You say you trust me," he says, "then trust me when I say you CAN do this, because you HAVE to."

Alex and Jo present the fixed baby to its squabbly parents. Afterwards, Alex asks her out for a beer, but she's gotta take a rain check because she has a date. He feigns like he's cool with it but then pulls Stephanie aside and asks her what the deal is with the guy (Jo's down the hall talking to him; he's kind of a dish). Stephanie calls him "Chest Peckwell," the nickname they had for him when they were all mooning over him. He's an OB resident, and Stephanie's super proud of Jo for asking him out. Alex pretends he already knows this, but his Damaged Heart Is Breaking (how do I always end up with the Alex's Sad Heart Is Sad episodes?).

Owen braves the rain to go bang down Cristina's door, desperate for an explanation, but she's not there. She's holed up at the Shepherd-Grey Mansion on a Hill with the rest of the five, planning their next move. Stan's telling them they need to form an LLC, and they need a name for their corporation. Everybody's feeling pretty nervous about the plan, so the suggestions are fairly pessimistic: "The Bitter Pills"; "Epic Failure"; "The Death Spiral"; "Blind Leading the Blind Inc." Stan's like, "Okay! No idea is a bad idea, let's keep thinking!" Everybody's worried. That constant rain can't help.

Joe R can't believe they found another wedge to drive in between Owen and Cristina so quickly. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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