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Back at the Shepherd-Grey manse, things have devolved into everybody talking at once, so much so that they've forced the camera to 360-spin around to capture them all. I sure hope one of them says something outrageous enough to shut the other three up! Well, kinda. Arizona asks if they're saying it will take ALL their lawsuit money to pull this off. Predictably, the money talk gets dicey. They only (only!) have $60 million between the four of them in lawsuit money (Callie and Meredith broach the subject of dipping into personal savings, but that's squashed pretty quick.) Callie then tosses in Mark and Lexie's shares ("is that rude of me?" she asks, while implicitly asking Meredith to deal with her awful father to pry Lexie's death payment away from him), which Arizona seriously objects to, since Mark's money is Sofia's and Callie definitely should have brought that part up privately. Cristina, then. Mere can't get her on the phone still, but she says Cristina would go for this. Arizona asks how she would know that. Callie and Derek, in unison: "She knows!"

Things really start to go south between Arizona and Callie. Arizona is really not keen about putting the money they've set aside for their daughter at risk just to maintain the happy fun way of practicing medicine they've been doing so far. It is FASCINATING to watch everybody rally around Seattle Grace as a way of life in these last few episodes given the last two seasons at LEAST have been dedicated to painting Seattle Grace as a death trap from which you would be lucky to escape alive. "This hospital is not something we lucked into," Callie argues. "It's something that we made." Webber sets a tone. Hunt sets a tone. It's something worth fighting for. She's rabble-roused so effectively that she woke the baby. Zola, not Sofia, though as Mere somewhat exasperatedly notes, one baby will inevitably wake the other. She goes to check on the kids. Meanwhile, Derek seems to be convinced by Callie's argument, which only causes Arizona to dig in harder. She's seen what horrible shit can lurk around the corners of their lives, and she'll be damned if they're going to take away any security that Sofia has to weather those kinds of things. Callie doesn't want their daughter growing up that way, always waiting for disaster. Derek starts to talk about the responsibility they have, and Arizona snaps at him that he's trying to make her feel like the selfish one, just because he feels guilty. You can see on her face she knows she doesn't want to go down that road, but Derek wants to know what she means. Callie imperceptibly shakes her head, but Arizona's already halfway there. She says that some of them died in that crash and others will live with challenges their whole lives (ahem), and since Derek didn't and won't AND got some money, he feels guilty. She might have just left it at that -- and lord knows Callie wants her to -- but she goes on to call out Derek's decision to sue, his hero complex, his "egomaniacal" selfishness that he's passed on to Callie through osmosis, I guess. "Everything that you've done to make it better has actually made it worse, so please: stop!" The whole thing sucks the air out of the room. Derek's wounded. Callie suggests they leave, and Meredith, returning from Zola's room, thinks that would be wise, lest she decide to step up and defend her family. Arizona is chastened but not apologetic. Good meeting, team!

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