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After the credits whiteout and ads for shows about Nazi clocks and contrived courtship rituals, it's the next day, and Arizona has at least calmed down enough to know she has to apologize to Derek. The Greys aren't really having it, though; Derek was particularly struck by "egomaniacal." Of course, they turn the corner and smack into a blown-up poster of Derek's face. The face of Pegasus. Arizona's not too noble to smirk "On the other hand..." and make her exit. Chief Webber is also staring at the poster, most troubled. Derek says Cahill told him it would mostly be brochures and handshakes, but this is ... more. Webber's like, "I hope you know what you're getting into." (Clearly he doesn't and just said as much.) "I mean, it's a great face," he says, "but this is a LOT of it." Is it THAT great a face, though? In 2013? Anyway, Derek and Meredith retreat to the elevator, where she admits it's pretty gross, what Pegasus is doing with his image. Their retreat upstairs is halted by Smash, who is enthusiastic to the point of needing to get slapped. He thinks the posters are GREAT, that Derek's head is GIGANTIC, that the upcoming EVM procedure Derek has scheduled is SUPER RAD. Meredith's like, "I know!" and asks Derek if she and Smash can look in. But Derek isn't performing the procedure, because Cahill wants him to meet the buyers. Literally taking him away from patient care to deal with awful bullshit. How better to crystalize their current dilemma? "He's the new face of the hospital now," Meredith chirps. "And the hair. Lucky us!" Derek can't hit that door-close button fast enough, if only to get the poster of his giant head out of his field of view. Only the closing doors ALSO have his EVEN GIANTER face on them split in two so it's only whole when the doors are closed. Nightmare.

Derek goes right to Cahill and Owen to bitch about the posters, but Cahill talks him down with optimistic talk about how his face projects a human side to the people operating inside the "clinically sterilized walls" of the hospital. Plus, you know, three different focus groups can't be wrong. She touches Owen's arm as she pulls him away to meet with the nurses, though he hangs back long enough to tell Derek how much it means to him to have someone alongside him in the fight to keep the hospital open.

In a parked ambulance, while the Seattle Ambiance (i.e. rain) falls down around them, April and EMT Matthew are making out like teenagers. He stops them and, after momentarily freaking her out with his "I don't want to do this anymore" phrasing, asks her out on a proper date. Tonight, in fact. April looks panicked, in that TV way where it's totally obvious to anyone with eyes, only the guy inches in front of her can't see it. He's nervous too and stumbles over his words. "I can't wait to see you out of those clothes" leads to a lot of stammering and backtracking. She gets what he means, though, and kisses him on the cheek. Outside the ambulance, though, she is seriously panicked about the date.

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