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Elsewhere, Alex and Jo are working together on a sick baby. Sick with ... baby sickness. Look, this storyline is like the 86th most interesting thing happening on the show right now. Behind April's love life, if you can believe that. Behind Smash's relationship to Derek's face-posters. Behind wondering what Debbie Allen is doing right now and if she wants company. So if I kind of give you the gist of what's happening -- Alex and Jo are falling in loooooooovebarf -- without actually getting into the nitty-gritty of this incidental baby and its to-be-introduced incidental parents, you'll forgive me, right? The important thing right now is the hilariously awful plinky piano music trying to goose us into rooting for these two idiots to make it happen. They tell the parents that the baby needs surgery, and the parents are weirdly unresponsive about it. Alex pulls the dad into the hallway and learns that they're not married. Just an office hookup/broken condom situation that went south. Way south. The mom tells Jo her side of the story. The upshot is that they kind of hate each other but they're pulling together for the sake of the baby. I can't believe Grey's Anatomy is doing the thing where the case of the week is a mirror image to the personal lives of the characters. What a rip-off of Private Practice! Shameful, really.

Elsewhere, in another case of the week, this one less shamefully parallel, Bailey and Arizona consult with the father of a pediatric cancer patient. Chemotherapy and radiation haven't worked, and surgery could be hugely dangerous to the kid. The dad is at the end of his rope, just about, but Bailey has a bold proposal: genome mapping. You don't need to know the particulars of genome mapping and neither do I. The upshot is that it's a cutting edge, non-surgical treatment option that could be young AJ's only hope. They'll have to contract the procedure out to another facility, but Bailey expects the hospital advisory board to approve that today. Are we all appropriately ahead of the story yet? Good. Poor Dad starts crying and takes Bailey's hand in his.

Owen nervously goes over his talking points with Cahill outside the nurses' meeting. Cahill's like, "Don't be nervous, but also, if this doesn't go well, this hospital and everybody you care about are doomed." Seconds before he's about to enter the fray, Bailey comes up asking about the advisory-board's approval for her genome mapping. Owen doesn't know what she's talking about at first, and when she reminds him, he remembers that the board turned her down. She can't believe it, but Owen says it again: they said no. He looks sad about it, but he also doesn't have more than a second and a half to devote to it before he heads into the nurses' meeting. Bailey is thunderstruck at the bluntness of it all.

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