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Out at the ambulance bay (the one they won't be needing much anymore, what with the ER closing; maybe they can turn it into a Derek Shepherd souvenir shop), Meredith is finishing up telling Cristina about Callie's buy-the-hospital plan. Cristina's reaction is to laugh her fool head off. They don't know the first thing about running a hospital. Meredith is like, "Yeah, well neither does Pegasus." Poor Mere is kind of embarrassed; she thought Cristina would be onboard. She brings up the alternative, which is that they all leave, but Cristina says they can't do that to Owen, who says if anyone leaves, the sale doesn't go through. Meredith again brings up buying the hospital as an alternative to that sad fate. "Did you know you'll have to file a declaration for land use for approval by the state Attorney General?" Cristina asks. Meredith's like, "Really?" Cristina says she has no idea, she just made it up to prove her point that none of them have any idea how to run a hospital. Mere again says she's surprised; she thought Cristina would be onboard "or would leave again." Cristina says to quit it with all the leaving talk. "Owen is killing himself trying to keep the hospital open. Can you please stop talking nonsense and have his back?" This interaction was fairly light, but I think this stuff where Cristina is shifting from a Mere-first person to an Owen-first person is leading to something.

April pops into Avery's liposuction surgery, because boundaries are for suckers in this place. She wants to talk to him about something but then backs off because it's the kind of thing they could talk about back when they were friends. Avery says they can be friends again and then works maybe a bit too hard to prove that he's being cool and loose about it, but it's sweet that he's trying. He says just to talk like she would have before they dated. It's about her date with EMT Matthew, though. Avery says he's cool with it -- he's seeing Stephanie, after all. So April proceeds to ramble on about the date and how the date will probably end up back at someone's apartment, and she doesn't know how to tell him that she was a virgin, and then she wasn't, but now she is again. Avery's kind of speechless at first, and April worries it was too much information, but he recovers to say that she should just tell Matthew what she told him just now. He won't care if she's a virgin or not. April's like, "He won't?" Avery says no. "He'll be worried that you're mentally ill, because you sound like a nutjob," he jokes, and April takes it badly and leaves in a mess of emotions. Oh, Jackson. You're too pretty to put up with this stuff.

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