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As he turns the corner, Derek's already on the phone with somebody. "I have a crazy idea," he tells this somebody, "and I need you to tell me how crazy."

After the break, we get a hilariously clandestine meeting where Callie takes her umbrella and heads out a back door, where an unassuming Facilities Services van flashes its headlights at her. Inside are Derek and the tech guy from Ocean's Eleven. He kind of emerges from the back of the van and scares the shit out of Callie. He's Stan, Derek's financial advisor. I love how relatable the characters on this show are, with their giant hilltop houses and financial advisors. So Stan lays out the particulars: doctors cannot own their own hospitals. Legally, I mean. I'm kind of breathing a sigh of relief at that one. But what they can do is ally themselves with an NFP (or a for-profit organization but fuck those guys) who will technically own the place and then hire the Seattle Grace Five (assuming Cristina and Arizona are onboard) as a management company, who would run the day-to-day like a board of directors. The camera is doing this pirouette thing where it spins around 180-degrees for the next person who's speaking. That would be Arizona, who's been brought into the meeting and who still doubts that a) they'd want to work in a board room rather than an operating room, and b) if they even have the money to pull this off. Cristina's next to be pulled into the fold, and she also wants to know if it's even possible. "Very possible," says Stan, though he'd know more if he could get a look at the hospital's financial statements. Cristina says Owen can get that for them, but Stan tells her that, legally (like, under penalty of possible jail time), Owen is bound to protect the hospital's interests and tell Pegasus anything that would threaten the sale. Since this development would threaten the sale, and since their only prayer of pulling this off involves an element of surprise, they can't tell Owen. And after all that work getting closer than close again, a wedge is put between Owen and Cristina . Looks like Cristina might be out, again.

Owen and Cahill are having lunch, and he's freaking out because of this nurses situation. He says they have valid concerns that shouldn't just be ignored. Cahill tells him it's his job to manage those concerns. Owen doesn't think he can, so Cahill launches into a whole story about how when she operated on that logger the other day, she didn't think she'd ever be able to step up to an operating table again, but she was able to do it because Owen was there, with his air of calmness and authority and support. "If you were okay, I would be okay." She tells him it's a rare quality. He asks about what drove her from the operating room, and she says it's just a typical story of choking during a surgery. "I'm good at THIS job," she tells him. And only Owen can convince the hospital employees that something that hurts them in the short run will help them in the long run. "When you tell someone that everything will be okay, they'll trust you." Which is awesome if everything actually will be okay. But we cut to the nurses, who are now magically calmed by the powers of Owen's confidence-inspiring gaze. Cristina ducks in to watch her man ask the nurses to hang in there with him through this transition. "I wouldn't ask you to do this if I weren't sure that what Pegasus Horizons offers is the best for all of us. If I didn't, I would leave." Cristina takes that last part in especially pointedly. One nurse finally stands up and says they can try to work with Owen on this. Success! The masses are placated! They're applauding! Cristina is so conflicted by her charming, persuasive, confidence-inspiring man as he pied-pipers this hospital off a cliff.

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