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We Bought a Zoo

After the break, Arizona asks Bailey WTF that was all about, but Bailey holds firm. She starts spinning out ideas about other places she could go -- maybe find a hospital in Los Angeles where she could be with Ben, although her ex-husband surely wouldn't let her take Tuck out of the state, but maybe they can work something out, and ... Arizona finally stops her. "You're not going anywhere," she says, but oh, Bailey is. "It makes me feel small. I have to make myself smaller to work here." She doesn't recognize this place anymore, "or the people." She doesn't want to hang around long enough that she doesn't recognize herself. Arizona looks glum, than glances to her left at yet another defaced Derek Shepherd head. Not the face you want to see when you're going through an existential crisis.

Alex and Jo. They fixed the baby. Alex thinks co-workers CAN make it work, just look at Meredith and Derek. Oh, that's like The Bachelor saying "Look at Trista and Ryan." One success story and a million disastrous failures. Whatever, he's Alex and has gone through this mean/secretly sweet/mean again cycle a billion times, and she's just brunette Izzie, so let's all just hold our breath and wait for this to play itself out.

Avery is finishing up a surgery when he looks out into the hallway and sees a (un-defaced, for me) Derek-Head poster, reading "COMPASSION." He literally is like, "Oh, shut up." He goes and finds April and tells her to tell Matthew who she is, be honest with him. She says she reeeeeally likes him, though, and doesn't want to scare him away. He says in that case, wait it out, let him get to know her better. "Once he does, he'll be willing to follow you anywhere." Oh, Jackson, please stop being hung up on April right now. Listen to the Rihanna playing in the background right now, have a good cry, and then get over it.

Derek is marveling at his super-smooth wife for successfully getting that financial statement out of the room, but there's no time to savor the moment, because Arizona pages them. Before they know it, they're meeting Callie and Arizona out in the rain, without the benefit of a van this time. Arizona tells them that Bailey's quitting, which they all find appropriately alarming. She says if they're going to do something, they need to do it now. Callie is thrilled to have her wife onboard. But there are still logistical hoops to jump through, primarily actually getting enough money. Cristina comes running up with the news that the same is happening tonight -- they need to do this TONIGHT, "for Owen." Of course, there's no way. They don't have the money, they don't have the NFP, they haven't even looked at the financial statement. Even in the make-believe world of TV, they can't make this happen tonight. So they're out of options (hilariously, Arizona, recent convert that she is, is the first one to be like, "Well, we can't"). Cristina says there's one thing they can do. Oh, she's not gonna say while the rest of us are listening!

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