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Ashes To Ashes

Ava and Alex seem to have been actually sleeping -- come on, guys; I've already pointed out that's not the point of these rooms -- but are awakened by Alex's pager. This time he jumps out of bed when he sees that something has happened to Norm. Ava protests that they need to talk, and once again, he promises that they will; he'll come back. Weakly, she calls after him, "Don't chicken out!" but he's already gone.

Mark and Mere scrub in for Ryan's surgery, and he tells Mere how impressed he is that she actually pulled it off, admitting he didn't think she could. She admits that she's surprised too, especially since it was her first time trick-or-treating. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that Ellis never had the time or the desire to make Mere a costume and take her out. "Plus she said it was rude to knock on people's doors and beg for food." Even tough guy Mark looks sad at the story, especially that Meredith has taken it all in stride. She asks what, and he tells her, "Just...the apple fell pretty far from the tree, huh?" She looks rather pleased. It's all warm and fuzzy at the Dirty Mistresses Club, much more than Nurses United Against Mark Sloane. (Though I find it rather amusing that both came about from all of Mark's sexual liaisons.)

Norm is in surgery; Derek is working on him when Alex busts in. It turns out Norm had a stroke, and Derek is working on removing the clot from his brain, and also trying to get Alex to calm down. Alex asks if Norm will be okay, but they won't know until the clot is removed. He keeps panicking, and Derek basically tells him to shut up so he can work. At the same time, George watches from the side as Izzie and Hahn work on the heart transplant. Lexie leans over and asks him if his marriage is really over, and when he confirms it, she says she's sorry. She then clarifies a second rumor: "Did Meredith really bring her mom's ashes to work?" George nods. Do you think Lexie might be wondering at this point if she really wants to continue fighting for a relationship with a sister who carries around her mother in a baggie?

Ava's gotten up and dressed, and is pacing the room and checking her watch. At the same moment, Mark gets Ryan's ears on just right, and in the other OR Hahn shocks Erin's heart to see if it will beat in Jack's chest. After a moment, the positive beeping returns and she announces, "There it is." After a moment, George sighs and whispers the same thing. Alex is looking at Norm, pleading with him, when his eyes pop open and he asks what happened. Derek and Alex let out huge sighs of relief.

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