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Ashes To Ashes

Lexie is celebrating Halloween in a bonnet, because Raggedy Ann is THE hot costume this year...? She's also got freckles drawn on her cheeks. She's getting yelled at by a woman dressed as a mouse who is pissed that her dad, in the hospital waiting for a new heart, hasn't gotten his meds on the right schedule. He calls out to her that they might not take her seriously, as she's dressed as a mouse. That might be true if the mouse weren't yelling at a woman dressed as a doll. She defends that she works with children, so her costume is much more appropriate than Lexie's. George comes down the hall and rescues Lexie, assuring the woman they'll take care of her dad. He than tells Lex he likes her costume, and she starts to explain, "Dr. Yang said..." He cuts her off to advise, "Dr. Yang is screwing with you," so she rips off the bonnet.

A man comes in to the clinic and asks Bailey for a doctor; he's stomping and jiggling his leg. When she asks if his leg hurts, he explains that it's just his foot, not his leg, and that the foot isn't his. Bailey's understandably confused and asks if he's hurt, but he just maintains that something happened, he can't explain it, and that his foot isn't his. There's a lot of back and forth and he tries to assure her he's not crazy, using the rationale that he works at a bank. I guess his bank provides full psychological profiles during their hiring process, then? Otherwise I'm not really connecting the dots. He's left Bailey speechless, and at her silence, he tells her he just needs someone to remove it, like he's talking about a hangnail. I don't think I'd want this man handling my money.

Mere and Derek run into each other in the hall, literally, and charts and ashes all fall to the floor. Derek asks what that is, and eventually she has to admit, "It's my mom." She explains that it was freaking people out to have the ashes in her cubby, so she's going to take them to the car. Worriedly, she then asks Derek if that's disrespectful. I personally think it's no worse in the back of her closet; at least this way her mom's got a view. He's kind of freaked -- not as much as if she'd asked to have her foot amputated, but still alarmed -- and she tells him pointedly that she's trying to evolve. "So, cubby or car." He wonders if she really thinks this isn't weird, but they're interrupted by a boy who asks if they're really her mom's ashes. Derek looks to him for support, and the kid nods his agreement at the strangeness. He's got on a device that looks like a headband with a small apparatus over each of his ears. When Meredith asks if he's lost, he explains that his mom works in the cafeteria and that she said it was okay for him to go upstairs and look for Dr. Sloane. Meredith asks Derek to take care of him, and he does, on the condition that Mere take care of "her." She's left to scoop up as much of her mother as possible with her bare hands. Now I know why the nurses always insist you wear at least a pair of socks when walking around a hospital wing.

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