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Ashes To Ashes

Alex has brought Ava to that most sacred of hospital locales -- the on-call room. Clearly we know where this is going to go, since no one actually sleeps in one of these unless it's post-coital. They make out and grab at each other's clothes, but Ava keeps her senses enough to push him away before either is topless. She then points out that he never came after her, even after she practically begged him to give her a reason to stay in Seattle. She quickly tells him that part was fine and she understood, but adds, embarrassed, that she thought he would follow her. "I came back for you, which basically...makes me a beggar. I'm a beggar for Halloween." Not quite; she's in an awesome red wrap top, rather than tattered clothes with her belongings on a stick. Wait, or is that a hobo? Are we even allowed to use the word "hobo" anymore? It's hard to keep up with the P.C. kids these days. Regardless, they start to banter and kiss. And kiss some more. She tries to protest that they need to talk, and he says they will, but clearly he's planned some naked activity first.

Meanwhile, the psychologist has checked out Mr. It's Not My Foot, whose name is James, and says he's got body dysmorphic disorder and suggests anti-anxiety meds. Bailey is disgusted. "The man is requesting an amputation and the best you can come up with is anti-anxiety meds?" But just then a nurse comes up to alert her to "chainsaw contest time," so Bailey turns back around and heads over to her patient to explain that she has to leave, but she's writing him a prescription. He's ticked, and demands a surgeon. She gets back into Business Bailey mode long enough to tell him that she's a surgeon, and that he won't convince her or anyone else to amputate his leg. She strongly suggests the medication and pushes the prescription slip at him.

Meredith's first stop on her goodwill tour is Richard's office, where she announces, "I have an earless boy." After an alarmed moment, she clears up her meaning and tells him about Ryan and Sloane, and asks for use of an OR. As he launches into the reasons he can't do it, Mere turns and nods at Ryan, who makes his entrance holding a pillowcase. He holds it out to Richard and says charmingly, "Trick or treat!" Meredith adds, "Get it? He's trick or treating. For ears." That last part is added in a perfect blend of sympathy and sweetness. She's as good as Ryan. Richard tries to protest, but Meredith pulls out her ace and reminds him how her mother was big on pro bono. He glares at her while Ryan stares at him, and he finally gives in and tells them they have an OR at 6 PM.

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