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Ashes To Ashes

George, Lexie, and Izzie are all outside waiting for an incoming ambulance. There's palpable tension in the air, and Lexie offers to wait off to the side so that they can talk. Izzie angrily points out that there's no need, since everyone knows. She seems to actually be mad at George for this, for reasons that are clear only in Izzie's strange, twisted mind. He simply comments that they're in for a long day. The ambulance arrives to mercifully break it up, and they unload a woman with massive head trauma from a brick flying through her windshield. They explain that it was dumb kids pulling Halloween stunts, which I always thought was stuff like smashing pumpkins, not killing someone by sending a projectile into a moving car. They're all appropriately appalled, and Izzie notes the brain matter (little bit of vomit, right there), to which the paramedic answers that her license says she's a donor. They then get a look at her face, with a brown nose and whiskers painted on, and George exclaims, rather horrified, that he knows her, as her dad is in the hospital waiting for a new heart.

In the ER, Bailey's enjoying sopping up massive amounts of blood from the hand of an overexcited Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving Contestant. He gives a happy account of how awesome his pumpkin was until he accidentally cut off his finger. But even that didn't dilute his thrill, since the blood on the pumpkin made it even "sicker." He tells Bailey that he brought in the finger, but that it just happens to still be stuck in the chainsaw. When he turns around to fetch it, though, it's gone. He starts to get upset as he looks around for it, and Bailey tries to tell him that they wouldn't be able to reattach it anyway, not seeming to understand his urgency. I'd be alarmed at the idea that a chainsaw (with a finger in it) was just hanging around somewhere in the ER, but that doesn't seem to be foremost in her mind. Well, not until she hears it start up somewhere. With dawning horror she runs off, followed by Cristina and Norm, and they chase the sound to a curtain. As they rip it open, blood spatters all over Norm from James sawing through his own leg. I saw enough to catch a glimpse of chainsaw and leg in the same frame, and covered my eyes for the rest of the scene. Seriously, they're having a really good time with all of the surgery special effects this season.

Just in case anyone missed it, though, they show the wound as Callie checks it out. She asks if he was high to be able to hold the saw to his leg for that long, but Bailey says that other than the morphine he'd been given for pain, his tox screen was clean. Callie, finished investigating, tells Cristina to prep him for a full amputation and groggily, James thanks her. Bailey shakes her head and then notices that Norm looks funny but when she asks if he's okay, he blames it on everything they just witnessed. Once they're gone, Callie and Mark are left to clean up. He comments that he loves all the crazies on Halloween, but Callie says she can understand how someone would wake up and feel like their life wasn't their own. I think she's stretching a bit for the sake of her down mood, as someone feeling like that about their life and someone feeling like that about a limb and then trying to saw said limb off seem to me to be fairly different things. Mark just tells her that he heard about what happened and offers his services, day or night. "Night in particular." Mmm. I need to come up with something for which I need comforting. Callie's ridden that train before, though, (no pun intended) (okay, maybe a little bit pun intended) and doesn't take the bait, instead marveling about how she was married and said 'til death do us part' in a church. "I mean, it was a church of Elvis, but it was still a church." Really, Church of Elvis didn't give her pause that maybe she and George were rushing into something? Huh. She just can't believe that this is her life.

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