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Ashes To Ashes

Unsurprisingly, Cristina's not taking this too well; she gripes to Norm about how she's got a bad reputation, so she's helping amputate a crazy man's foot instead of helping with a heart transplant. James starts to protest, "I'm not --" but Cristina cuts him off with, "Crazy! Cutting off your own foot is crazy." James tries to defend himself, telling them that crazy is walking through life as if you have no power over your own body, or say in your own destiny. Brilliantly, Norm comments easily, "Hmm. I still think it's cutting off your foot with a chainsaw that's crazy."

Hahn, now in bright red scrubs, heads in and greets Jack. Without even looking up from her paperwork, she brusquely tells him that the transplant team is waiting if he's ready to say goodbye. He doesn't flinch, just comments that she must not have children, because if she did she'd never say that. For one second she looks appropriately put in her place, but then her bravado comes back and she suggests again the idea that he take the heart. Jack adamantly refuses, saying having Erin's heart in his chest would haunt him every day. Not knowing how to be truly sympathetic, Hahn simply tells him she's sorry for his loss, and heads out. After a moment, George looks down and quietly tells him that while he doesn't know what it's like to lose a child, he does know what it's like to lose a parent. He says that Erin loved Jack; Jack saw it himself that morning when she was fighting for his life. George then delicately says he knows that she'd want Jack to have her heart. "I would have given my dad my heart if I could. If I could have saved him, I would have given my heart." It's sad and touching, and has left Lexie in tears. Jack thinks to himself, looks at his daughter, and then in the slightest of whispers answers, "All right."

Cristina and Izzie cross paths in the stairwell -- you thought it was only uncomfortable romantic confrontations that took place here, didn't you? -- and Izzie is completely miffed when Cristina ignores her. Fine, so this is an actual slight to be outright ignored, but Izzie really just lives to get indignant at whomever is supposedly wronging her. Not able to take the silent treatment, Izzie turns around and sneers that she can't believe Cristina is judging her, especially after what Hahn just said. Cristina's very calm, and tells her it's not the same, but Izzie shoots back that it's exactly the same. I'm very curious to see just why she thinks so. Izzie adds, not entirely convincingly, that she didn't mean to hurt Callie. I actually believe that she didn't mean to hurt Callie, but I also believe she just doesn't care about Callie one way or the other, so I think "sorry" is stretching it. I think she's only sorry that people are mad at her now. Cristina's now somewhat pissed, and points out, "You slept with her husband. I slept with my boyfriend? It's not the same thing." Like a little kid whose best comeback is something involving rubber and glue, Izzie says that Meredith slept with another woman's husband. I think she's forgetting that Meredith didn't know he was married at the time. She's really making an effort here, but it's not cutting the mustard. Cristina ignores her and turns to go, so Izzie yells it again and then accuses Cristina of being "a closed circle" with Meredith, and within it they can do whatever they want and it's fine. A little too late, she adds that she knows Cristina didn't sleep with Burke for her career and that if she'd been asked, she would have defended her. Izzie's effort to make herself look like a good person is getting more ridiculous by the minute, and Cristina looks almost amused. Izzie just tells her she's looking for a bit of slack, and for Cristina to believe Izzie's sorry she hurt Callie. Cristina only tells her, "We are not a closed circle." Needing the last word, Izzie shoots back, "You are," and leaves. The thing is, Cristina doesn't care about the last word, because Izzie's just wrong. Izzie and Cristina have never been close anyway, so I feel like Iz's effort would have been better exerted elsewhere in the forgiveness category. But then again, I think she's just desperate for everyone to believe she's not a selfish brat, even though that appears to be pretty much impossible at this point.

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