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Ashes To Ashes

Derek's still attracting a lot of mental undressing by all the nurses when Sydney runs back up with the foolproof pickup line, "Were there actual shepherds in your lineage?" I know when someone asks me that, my shirt's off faster than I can tell them that's not even my name. It doesn't have quite the same effect on Derek, who is literally speechless as she goes on to explain that she loves genealogy. A little ways down the hall, Mark is kicking back and grinning at what's unfolding. As Derek heads over, he calls, "Payback's a bitch!" It turns out he put out word that Derek was lookin'. "Looking?" asks Derek. Mark corrects, "Lookin'. Sounds much dirtier without the 'g.'" Derek can only marvel, "And you wonder why they formed a club." This show is so much more fun when they're friends and Mark can be a loveable sleaze than when the two of them are fighting at every turn. I'm not sure it's an entirely realistic outcome, given the Addison affair, but as this is the magic of television, I'll happily go along for the ride.

Meredith's got a clipboard and is making her way down a checklist. She and Ryan have recruited all of the personnel they need, as well as an OR, and she happily tells him, "Let's call your mom, kid, you're gonna get some ears!" In the same vein as Mark and Derek, this show is that much better when Meredith gets to be a happy person occasionally. I mean, seriously, no one can be as dark and twisty as she was throughout all of Season Three, without ever cracking a single smile about something. I like this Mere.

Meredith is helping a little boy get ears, while Callie and Cristina work at taking off the foot of a crazy man. It's almost as heartwarming, too. Callie is still marveling that someone would cut off their own foot and Norm, who is observing, points out that people do strange things. Callie points out that she had the world's shortest marriage. Actually, I think the "strange thing" part of that was the running off to a quickie wedding in Vegas, as the short marriage and divorce is probably more common. I'm deliberately missing the female-trauma-bonding point, though. Cristina points out, "I was left in a church. While I was literally wearing a wedding dress." I'm curious how she might have been only figuratively wearing a wedding dress in this scenario. But it's set the two women off, and they manically giggle and one-up each other with the husband cheating and the mother who came to say goodbye instead of her son. It seems to all be too much for Norm, who tries to say he doesn't feel well but collapses before he can get the words out.

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