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Previously: Hey, kids! Last time we met, Callie was dying on an operating table and singing all her troubles away. In the interim, Shonda had a whole lot of big ideas about motherhood spread across her two shows, didn't she? Speaking of which, on a show nobody you know watches, Derek Shepherd's little sister got addicted to Oxycontin and then rehabbed herself up and has now been tasked with saving my beloved Rayanne Graff from something brain-tumorish. Also I guess Cristina and Owen broke up because she had an abortion?

Currently: Cristina and Owen are in marriage counseling, which we all know is a big waste of time, because relationships are repaired through either shared surgical time or sometimes near-death experiences. We don't see the doctor to whom they're pouring out their shared resentments, which gives me at least a little leeway to imagine that it's Amy Madigan as the hospital shrink, because really: it should always be Amy Madigan. After some explanation about their parallel cases of PTSD (which becomes a weird competition over who had it worse), talk soon zeroes in on the abortion. Or, as Owen puts it, "you murdered the child that I wanted." Cristina more than sensibly points out that he sat there and held her hand while she did it and he had told her he was okay with her choice. She, meanwhile, wasn't too wild about him screaming "You murdered our baby" in front of all of their friends. Disagreements! Then the Meredith Voice-Over kicks in with thoughts about seeking professional help. I've discussed my policy with Meredith VO before, but just to re-iterate: unless she's telling us something important (she never is), I'm just going to ignore it.

At Seattle Grace, Amelia Shepherd is trying to convince her brother Derek to find a way to operate on Rayanne's brain tumor. They're staring at X-rays and he's adamant that there's nothing he can do. Lexie's there too, and looking totes uncomfortable, particularly when Amelia recruits her as her backup. But Derek is digging his heels in, even after Amelia sticks a photos of Rayanne's son Mason and talks about her pal Cooper back in L.A. who's going to have to tell Mason that his mom is dead if they don't fix her. Derek seems legitimately angry at Amelia, because it wouldn't be a Derek Shepherd scene if he wasn't being an asshole for no reason, and he makes a gratuitous reference to her being just out of rehab, and he finally tells her to go back to L.A. and get over her dying patient.

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