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Let's Give the Boy a Toe

Alex and Arizona are tending to Morgan's alarmingly premature baby, who is teeny but stable. She asks Alex how Morgan is doing, and he realizes he hasn't checked. Okay, COME ON. This is like the third time this week that Alex has realized that he hasn't been paying enough attention to Morgan. Does he have Memento disease? So of course he defaults into the typical self-pity mode, where he's all "I ran my intern into a heart attack, never knew she was pregnant, and haven't checked up on her since her surgery -- why I am such a sexy fuckup??" And because Shonda loves a sexy fuckup more than anything in this universe, Arizona ends up writing Alex a blank check for it. She says Peds surgeons HAVE to be ruthless in order to help the tiny humans or some such whatever. She says she was exactly like Alex is now. But he should still learn his interns' names. So Alex lives to smirk another day.

Bailey tracks down Sloan in the hallway, and though he's looking to avoid another fight, she is there to tell him that Avery was right. Carrie's arms are going to be functional again. She starts beating herself up about why she wasn't going to let Carrie do the surgery, and Sloan tells her that Avery is a resident, young and willing to take risks. Bailey is older; she knows risks have consequences; she's more conservative. That's why they keep the residents around -- to keep them fresh. Bailey half-jokingly asks Sloan if he's telling her she's not young. "I'm saying you've arrived," he tells her. Then he turns back to say that if she pulls that kind of crap in his O.R. again, he'll report her. Bailey, having arrived, takes it like a woman.

Alex is now studying his own damn notecards at Morgan's bedside when she wakes up. He tells her that Altman patched her up and that her baby boy is in stable condition. He talks to her in calming tones and says Chris (the boyfriend) is on his way. She still seems crazy groggy but she chills out. She tells him he's sitting there with her because it's quiet and he needs to study. It's okay, she'd do the same. She falls back asleep and he goes back to studying and I guess this is Alex's next girlfriend? I mean, he's already gotten a head start on treating her poorly.

Meredith and Callie put the finishing touches on Frankenhand. Derek and Amelia and Lexie get the catheter procedure done in 86 seconds. He tells her to get Rayanne up to Seattle for surgery. Happy news all around!

Oh, except for Cristina and Owen, who probably should not be married. Sorry. They still can't talk to each other AND their doctor turns out to be definitively NOT Amy Madigan. Bummer news all around.

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