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Let's Give the Boy a Toe

Back from the break, we get a gooood look at this guy's hand coming out of the business end of the meat grinder. We can make out a few fingers, and Callie tries to keep the bleeding stanched as best she can. Two other butchers -- the guy's brothers -- stand aside and fret. Callie has decided that Grinder here is going to be the test case that determines whether Meredith is worthy of Callie's study technique. She's putting the case in Meredith's hands. Meredith immediately thinks amputation is the best option, which freaks out the patient and his brothers. Callie's like, "O RLY?" and calls for someone to fetch a bone saw. (At the same time, she assures the brothers that this is a teaching exercise and not to freak out, which must be VERY assuring to these mooks.) Suddenly, Meredith finds a viable finger and changes course, deciding that they need to find some way to cut the machine open. All this time, Callie is second-guessing her and prodding her and otherwise putting her on the spot. Because suddenly Meredith has regressed to like Season 1 levels of uncertainty? Haven't we pretty well established that Mere's a rock star of a surgeon? I get that the Boards are putting everyone back in the emotional space of an intern, but this seems awfully convenient characterization. Anyway, turns out the Brothers Butcher aren't crazy about the idea of losing their multi-thousand dollar machine, even if it means their bro getting his hand back. So they offer to disassemble the grinder themselves, in under 45 minutes, with "a set of Allen wrenches." Oh, brother. Wait, sorry! Didn't mean that pun, honest. But I'm leaving it there, because of integrity.

Lexie meets Amelia back in the X-ray room, where Amelia pitches an idea for an extremely complicated-sounding surgical maneuver that she'd have to perform in about 90 seconds. Lexie wonders if it's even possible, and Amelia's like, "No idea! Is the thing." Lexie suggests doing a test, but Amelia doubts they'll get Derek's approval, on account of him being a jackass and her never being able to stop reminding him of that. Lexie volunteers to ask Derek herself and avoid the familial drama. To Lexie's credit, she's only halfway out the door before realizing that getting her to pitch this idea to Derek herself, and think it was her idea, was Amelia's plan all along. Both women agree that Amelia's good at manipulation.

Back at counseling, Cristina and Owen are arguing about whether she made it clear to him all along that she didn't want kids. And this is ultimately where I come down on Cristina's side and don't budge. She didn't want to have children. She was never ambiguous about that. Owen decided to roll the dice and hope that time and his own handsome brand of gentle pressure would eventually smooth out those edges, but it's entirely his problem that it didn't happen in the year they were married. He tries to make the argument that Cristina never told him of her baby aversion until after they were married, but your intrepid recapper Lauren has already provided me with the ammo to tell you that that's false. She totally told him she didn't want to have children, even if present-day Cristina can't manage to conjure up her own history.

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