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Let's Give the Boy a Toe

Bailey meets with her patient with lymphedema. The woman, Carrie, is played by one of the nurses from E.R. (no, not Kyle Richards unfortunately), and we see that "lymphedema" translates to "scary severe swelling in the limbs." In this case, this poor woman has Popeye arms. Carrie laments that she can barely raise her arms; can't even brush her own hair. Bailey tries to say that the good news is that her cancer is gone and that the lymphedema is the price they have to pay. But Bailey can hardly get the words out; she knows what cold comfort that is. For her part, Carrie admits to feeling low for having to sneak around to other doctors behind Bailey's back. She will always see Miranda as a miracle worker. But she wants her life to have some quality, and she's willing to take a chance with another surgery.

Back to the Grind.The Super Mario Brothers are quickly trying to disassemble the grinder while Meredith warns them that the more they loosen it, the more their little bro bleeds, so they need to do it very quickly. Callie continues to fire "You sure about that"s in from the sidelines, to Meredith's frustration. She does manage to prod Mere into suggesting a fail-safe of sorts, a pneumatic tourniquet on his arm to buy them a little more time. Callie seems satisfied, but the atmosphere is still urgent. Mere gives the brothers 15 minutes to get the grinder apart before they will have to amputate.

Derek's in the middle of brain surgery (no big) as Lexie tries to make Amelia's case for a simulation run. Derek thinks his sister is too emotionally wrapped up in the case to see clearly that she can't help this woman, though Lexie argues maybe Amelia's passion is going to make her try harder. Derek sighs that the bottom line is that the procedure can't be done in 90 seconds, but if Lexie needs to see it for herself, so be it. Lexie's all, "Yeah, maybe YOU'LL be the one seeing something!" but then thinks better of trash-talking the surgeon who's wrist-deep in gray matter.

Turns out Alex is doing the gastroscopy on the boy himself because he needs Morgan/Megan to continue to quiz him for the boards. He could not look more disinterested in his intern as he demands more and more questions. He might want to glance her way, actually, because she's looking clammy and disoriented, which might be the resting state for surgical interns, but on a television show, we all know it means "imminent peril." He calls her "Megan" again and asks for symptoms on the latest index card, but the symptoms she rattles off -- tightness in the chest, indigestion, blurred vision, shortness of breath -- aren't on the cards, nor is the fact that this "patient" is 24-weeks pregnant. Alex keeps his eyes on the gastroscopy and berates her a little more for asking weird questions until she ultimately collapses. He yells at his fellow doctors to help her as we go into commercial. Oh, hell, is this another episode where Alex is a terrible person and then later we're all supposed to feel sorry for him because he hates himself? How do I ALWAYS get these episodes?

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