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The Heart Knows Best
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It's morning in Seattle, ushered in by the birds... and the bees, at least at Casa Grey-Shepherd. Meredith thinks that they should be practicing their statement for the judge, since their hearing is only 36 hours away. But Derek is more interested in trying to pull her shirt off. Once again, just in case we don't remember that there is an empty hole in their lives, there's a loving close-up of the empty crib to really drive it home. Though really, Derek only seems interested in some morning booty and tells Meredith that if they speak from the heart, that's all the judge will need to hear to realize they truly are Zola's parents and he should send the baby home with them. Thank goodness he was a surgeon and not a lawyer. He finally convinces her to focus on the nookie at hand, and she VO's about how when a surgery goes to hell, it just takes a surgeon a few nifty moves to fix it all again.

At the hospital, Lexie runs into Jackson and asks him if everything is okay since he left the house before she even realized it that morning. She doesn't notice that he's pouting and inventing lame excuses, and he finally manages a smile until the elevator arrives, and seeing Mark inside wipes it right off of his face. Jackson notices her discomfort but Mark is oblivious since he's so pumped to do a nerve graft procedure with Jackson later. Mere's VO laments that you can't use a scalpel to handle all of life's challenges.

Mere and Bailey appear to be still working together under their uneasy, Richard-forced truce but while Mere has a big pile of data for her Bailey ignores that and tells her that they have something "bigger" to worry about than mice. She's not amused when Mere asks, "guinea pigs?"

As Alex gets ready for his day, Arizona comes up and unceremoniously takes two fancy-sounding surgeries from him. Well, she asks, but it's one of those questions that really only has one right answer. She has a prospective fellow with the most twee name in the world -- Polly Preston -- coming in to observe and since she's being courted by the likes of USC (ew) and Johns Hopkins, Hunt wants her to get the star treatment and scrub in on some surgeries. Wait, come on. "Polly Preston?" No wonder she excelled; she had do to something badass like surgery to get past the fact that her name implies she'll have pigtails and be sucking on a lollipop. Alex is just shocked to hear that she's got candidates coming in already about the fellowship.

Alfre Woodard, is in the hospital this week, playing a patient named Justine and winning my heart by ignoring Derek completely. Though really, she should probably be listening since he's talking to her about her three aneurysms (which she's had for a while) and how one has sprung a leak. She dryly tells Lexie that he's been warning her for years about needing surgery and gives Derek permission to tell her, "I told you so," though she doesn't seem like she's going to pay much attention to him. She's a famous writer and she tells him that she'll only do the surgery when she's finished with her book. She and Derek spar through Lexie as it's pointed out that the risks of waiting are the same as the risks of botched surgery: stroke, hemorrhage and death. So, a big party is what they are saying. Of course, what's not said is that those chances are probably a lot smaller in surgery than they are just letting one's aneurysm slowly leak. Even Derek can't help but be mildly amused at her comebacks for a moment. She explains that, for her readers, she just has to figure out how to get Kate to the bridge to meet Nathan before she's pulled back in time. Dude, that sounds like a book I would read. She then promises she'll go right under Derek's knife; he's done being amused by her but she tells him, "Between your voice and my leaky aneurysm I'm having a bitch of a time focusing, so..." and she dismisses him with the brush of her hand. Fed up, he leaves, and Lexie trots after him.

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