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The Heart Knows Best

Mere is doing the procedure just fine but Bailey starts shaking her head, and Mere asks if something is wrong. Bailey is just thinking about how Mrs. O worked so hard to raise her son, and then one day he threw himself in front of a bus. And yes, it was to save someone else, but you don't want to watch your child destroy themselves in order to do what they think is right. Oy. I'll ignore how much this makes me want to bang my head into the wall because I love Mrs. O'Malley and am relieved that Bailey and Meredith might actually, finally, work out some sort of truce for themselves. Oh, and I'm supposed to understand that Bailey was mad because she was just heartsick that Meredith destroyed herself to do something she thought was right but really, I still feel like it wasn't her business as much as she clearly thought it was her business. Bailey admits to Mere that she finds her maddening, but her voice has softened and it sounds like she's giving up. She then also admits that George was her favorite, which Meredith well knew and she agrees, "He was the good one." Mere finishes up the surgery and Bailey advises her to wear a sweater set, because that will make her seem warm and motherly to the judge.

Oh good, now it's time for Jackson's obligatory weekly shirtless scene! He's in the locker room when Lexie walks in, responding to his page, and I'm sad to report that he pulls his shirt on before he talks to her. He admits that he skipped a surgery because of whatever is going on with her and Mark, and she's very confused as she tells him (and she believes it) that nothing is going on between them. But Jackson has finally opened his eyes to the truth, and he tells her that while he spent a long time trying to deny it, there totally is. But, he also loves plastics and wants to keep that up, so something has to give and he's realized it has to be their relationship. He's walking away, "From you. For me." Ah, he's pulling the old Kelly Taylor. She's pretty heartbroken and a little bit offended to be dumped for Mark, but when Jackson asks her if she can tell him that he shouldn't do this, she just thinks, so he leaves.

Richard goes in to where Cristina is sitting with HIAB, and she looks both proud and serene as he tells her that he heard the helicopter. Cristina is ready to say goodbye, since HIAB helped her write her list. She hands over one sheet of paper to Richard who reads it and then compliments her on a job well done. He then hands over his own notebook -- he felt inspired and made his own list. Of course, Cristina then sees something cool on there that she wants for her own, so he agrees that if one comes to the hospital they can fight for it. The guys from Columbia walk in and they hand HIAB over; as they wheel her away, Cristina quietly exclaims one last, "Hot diggity." I still want a hot dog.

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