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Lexie is on tenterhooks as Justine narrates more of the book to her. Kate is with Nathan, and she realized that she travels through time to be where she wants to be and has now made a decision. Lexie is super excited until she hears Justine say that Kate apologizes to Nathan and then disappears to Paris to find Alexander the no-good pickpocket. To say that Lexie is appalled at this turn of events would be the understatement of the season. She starts to argue passionately that Kate and Alexander want different things and make each other miserable, but Justine simply says that they are soulmates. Hmm, it's like this story oh, completely, utterly, thoroughly mirrors what Lexie is going through in her own life! What a coincidence! Though I will admit that when Lexie yells at Justine that she's the author and can do whatever she wants with these characters, I have yelled exactly the same thing at an open book before. Justine just maintains that she can't betray the character. Because this book sounds juicy and fantastic, and Alfre Woodard is always awesome, and I want Lexie and Mark back together, I'm actually enjoying these scenes but I also fear that my eyes are going to get stuck rolling up in my head at yet another patient's story just happening to exactly parallel with something happening to one of our doctors. Lexie stubbornly thinks that picking Nathan is the right thing to do. For a moment she's so caught up that she doesn't realize that Justine has slumped over, and when she starts to have a seizure Lexie yells for help since it appears the aneurysm finally blew.

Once they are in the OR staring at Justine's brain, Derek lectures Lexie for not having gotten her in there sooner. He's kind of pissed to hear that she didn't even finish the book but Lexie admits she told her how it's going to end, and she finds it totally stupid. As she complains about how Justine screwed up her own story, Derek comments, "Wow, you're 15 right now," but like Mark before her, Lexie either ignores or doesn't even hear him. She wants to tell Justine as soon as she wakes up just how awful her decision is, and Derek points out that it's none of her business. But Lexie's a smart cookie and just shoots back that this is like all of his impossible patients -- if he thinks there's a chance he can change the way their story ends, then he has an obligation to at least try. And while I think it's ridiculous to compare someone dying of an inoperable brain tumor to an author writing a romance novel, I give Lexie major points for being able to use Derek's logic against him. He also has to agree with her, though I suspect he does that just to shut her up.

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