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Blame It On the Rain

Izzie runs into the elevator where she finds Alex, Mere and Cristina. She tells them she's moving the pre- and post-op patients to the clinic, and Alex responds by hitting her like he did everyone else at lunch. She shrieks as he points out she doesn't have a high pain threshold. She turns to Mere in response and tells her to just throw him out. Izzie bakes and cleans, while Alex only brings filth. "What would you prefer, Meredith, chocolate cake, or an STD?" Alex smirks. I think someone needs to educate Izzie on how one actually contracts an STD, because while Alex does bring through a parade of ladies, I don't think any of them are going to be gifting a disease to Meredith anytime soon. The doors to the elevator open and water rushes in -- thank goodness, though, it doesn't appear to be poop water.

There's mass chaos as everyone tries to get the patients out while the ceiling rains on them. Bailey runs after the Chief, who is still somehow claiming that he has things under control, and he orders her to join Izzie in the clinic. Bailey advises him to shut the floor down, get the patients to other hospitals, and then they can get the plumbing fixed and everything back up in no time. His plan, however, is to close all but 2 ORs, and reiterates angrily that he has it under control. When Bailey interrupts him, he finally yells, "Dr. Bailey! Clinic! Now!" She gives him a Look, and smoothly answers, "Yes sir. On my way." She knows he'll regret messing with her.

Lexie, meanwhile, is helping George with the Chief Intern duties. He hands her a stack of files but asks to make sure she has time, and she assures him she really wants him to take the test. Mark chooses that moment to call her over and tell her that she's not entirely useless, and because she caught Barry's extremely rare condition, she can scrub in. She panics that he means now, and Mark answers that the flood is contained, and Barry's been waiting to be pain-free for seven years. Stuttering, she tells him she can't. There's love, and then there's making sure you destroy your budding career, Lexie. She thanks him and asks, "But maybe next time?" He's ticked off and informs her, "No, Lassie, there won't be a next time." He punctuates his leaving with a muttered, "Pathetic."

Cristina heads in to prep Barry for surgery and take some blood. He happily agrees and puts up his arm. Cristina, not unkindly, asks about his pain and when he says it is always an eight, comments that she thought he had some relief. He knows what she means, though, and explains to her that in seven years he's seen 39 doctors, tried every painkiller, and been told that it was his imagination, that he's crazy, and that he's a drug addict. She's somewhat shamed into her silence. His voice wavers as he explains that his wife died last year after years of carting him around to doctors and tests. He begins to cry as he continues, "She was my best friend. She was my favorite person, and she died. And I couldn't feel it. I couldn't feel that pain, because I was so completely occupied with this one!" Barry has done the impossible -- Cristina seems moved. Barry emotionally says they finally know what's wrong and Dr. Sloane is going to fix him so yes, he has had some relief. Realizing the truth of his situation, she gets to work drawing his blood as he composes himself.

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