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Blame It On the Rain

Alex is back with Jack, who is muttering that he doesn't want surgery because it will either hurt or he'll die. Potato potahto. Alex tells him he understands, but if Jack wants to live, he needs surgery. Jack's astonished, asking if Alex has even been paying attention, and Alex pulls up a stool to sit and answer him. He tells Jack that his girlfriend had a hysterical pregnancy, slit her wrists in the next room, he had to commit her, and now he's possibly being evicted, he can't afford a deposit on a new apartment and will be homeless. If he weren't acting like such a jackass lately, I'd feel sorrier for him but instead he just sounds like a whiner. Alex tells Jack there must be something, or the possibility of something -- and while he says this, he glances over at Izzie. Are you kidding me? Abusing someone for thinking you're a nice guy must be the new pulling pigtails. Jack admits that there is a girl in the supermarket but that he's never been able to say hi to her, and Alex answers that he can say hi after the surgery, and adds that he's sure Jack's luck is going to turn around. "And when it does, you say hello." He looks over at Izzie again.

Cristina grabs a candy bar from the vending machine and turns to see Izzie watching her creepily. She then more creepily offers Cristina some of her chips. They trade some sugar for some salt and Izzie observes that Cristina isn't a terrible person. Cristina just answers, "Ooohkay." Izzie, trying to sounds super nice, says she they haven't always seen eye to eye, but there's this great apartment (I've heard it has hardwood floors and a fireplace) and that it's across the street from the hospital. She hands Cristina the flyer, saying that she knows Cristina can afford it and that it has the added bonus of being "Burke-free," opining that it must be awful living in his old place. She chirps, "Think about it!" Other than being able to see where this story is going from a million miles away, does anything in that exchange sound like, "Let's be roommates?" No? Okay, then let's note that for the future.

Bailey, who seems pretty beaten down by all her arguing with the chief, throws herself into a seat in the observation deck to watch Jack's surgery. Below, Alex tells Hahn about Jack's belief that there's a dark cloud following him, and she comments on how overly dramatic it sounds. But in actuality there is a dark cloud, somewhere in the ceiling tiles, and the telltale drips start to rain down. Bailey sees what is about to happen and starts banging on the glass and yelling, but they can't understand her. It doesn't matter too much, though, since it's only another second before the entire ceiling collapses on top of them, and Alex is just able to throw himself over Jack's open abdomen.

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