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Shelly seems to have told her sister she doesn't want treatment, because Jenn is pleading with her just to talk to the oncologist. They go back and forth until Jenn's phone rings and she leaves. Meredith comes in, asking if Shelly had her paged. She did -- Mere can't let her die without knowing what she decided to do in the whole roommate/boyfriend sitch. Meredith closes the door and sits down on Shelly's bed. She says she nothing and Shelly, horrified, asks if she's going to break up with him. Still, Mere says nothing, and Shelly tells her in a small voice, "No fair! I'm dying and you're casting all that hotness in the wind. No fair." She's been smiling, but as Meredith looks at her, her fa├žade starts to crack and she begins to repeat, "No fair." Mere takes her hand as she starts to cry. This was the way better Meredith metaphor, even though Mere isn't dying -- but she's spending all her time convincing herself and others that she's happy when she still has problems.

Jack wakes up, clearly amazed to be alive after his surgery. Alex smiles and tells him Hahn is coming to tell Jack about the surgery, but when Jack asks if it went okay, Alex launches in without hesitation to tell him everything himself. He tells Jack about the ceiling collapse, and explains that since they had to examine him more thoroughly to get all the ceiling out, they found a tumor on his pancreas. Jack starts to laugh a bit crazily at his "luck," but Alex goes on to tell him why this is a good thing. Apparently they almost never find this kind of cancer until it's too far gone, but his was found at stage one and removed completely, so he won't even need chemo. He adds that the ceiling collapse saved Jack's life. "Your luck has turned, man! It's turned!" Jack gets control of himself and quietly declares that he's going to say hello to the girl at the supermarket. Ah, love in the produce aisle -- the idea makes Alex smile.

Out in the ambulance bay, the Chief oversees all the patients being moved. George runs up and tells him that he downloaded all the patients' info onto DVDs to go with their charts. At this point I'm surprised he didn't also hand-knit all of the blankets on their beds while helping some wayward dog birth puppies. He certainly seems to have done more than Richard did all day. He asks if there is anything else he can do to help, and the Chief looks at him kind of like he just realized what was going on.

Lexie's at Joe's playing with a straw in her drink when Mark sits down. She asks how it went and when he doesn't answer, she assures him that she knows she's pathetic and George doesn't know she exists and she missed the surgery, but to please tell her. He admits they didn't get to do it, that Barry was sent to another hospital, and seems angry and sad to admit he won't be out of pain tomorrow as promised. But he lifts his own spirits by then asking, "Photographic memory, huh?" He orders her to recite the periodic table, and grins as she starts running through the list. George may not know she exists, but one Dr. McSteamy certainly does.

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