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At a table nearby, Cristina and Callie are excitedly looking at the apartment flyer. Izzie comes up, just as excited, to ask what they think, and Cristina and Callie thank her profusely and talk about how fantastic it is and how much they love it. Izzie's face takes on Jack's dark cloud and she absolutely loses it, yelling at Cristina that she meant for the two of them to be roommates. I don't think I could come up with a worse combo of two people to live under the same roof. Also, as we noted before? She totally didn't seem like she was asking Cristina to be her roommate. So I have very little sympathy. Izzie demands the flyer back, but Cristina admits she already put down a deposit, and tells Izzie she should have been clearer. Izzie screams at them to enjoy it, and flees the bar.

Callie, having excused herself from the showdown, is sitting at another table when Erica joins her. Hahn smiles at her but Callie is the first to speak, explaining that she knows that Hahn is private, but that Callie processes things out loud. She reminds Hahn that she gave up too much of herself when she was married and she won't do it again. I think I spy a little glimmer of Old Callie! Welcome back! She tells Hahn that Mark is her friend, and Hahn smiles at her, admitting she thinks she's jealous because Mark has seen Callie naked. Looks like maybe it's Sexy Time for these two? Callie just bursts out laughing.

Mere and Dr. Amy are in the elevator when everyone else conveniently piles off onto a different floor. Mere asks her what the point of all the hours and money spent on therapy was, since the world is a horrible place where people die. She thinks it makes no sense to try and be happy in a world like that and to her surprise, Dr. Amy agrees. But she adds that the goal isn't happiness in the face of the horribleness, but rather feeling the horrible and knowing you won't die from it. "That's the point. And you're not done. You've made progress because you're feeling and you're telling me about it. Six months ago it would have been just you and a bottle of tequila. My door is always open." With that, she heads out while Meredith ponders the point, and I ponder a margarita.

And speaking of margaritas, it's nearly quitting time. Mere VO's, "Bones break. Organs burst." Ew. Izzie is moping in a swing outside the house when Meredith gets home. VO: "Flesh tears." Mere asks if Iz is okay and she boo-hoos that she's so truly really awesomely for reals happy for Mere and Derek, but that she has no one. Mere sits down and assures her that it's not true. Alex comes up at that moment and gives a dorky little "hello" when he sees them there. Aw, so Izzie has one friend and one jerk who constantly berates her. I'm all warm and fuzzy inside.

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