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"We can sew the flesh. Repair the damage. Ease the pain." Meredith, seeing how dysfunctional her adopted family is, marches inside where Derek has happily found Ellis' vintage martini set. Now I really want a drink. Meredith announces combatively, "They're my family! You can't just assume I'm going to kick my family out. And you don't get to announce it to them and ambush me. And you definitely don't get to try to get Cristina on your side. They're my family. They're who I have. You and them." The problem with the scene is, I don't know if it's Derek's personality or Patrick's acting, but his look goes from sincerely listening to slightly patronizing. However he agrees. She's stunned, and he admits he'd like to revisit the subject when she's ready but that it's fine for now. She walks over, sits with him on the couch, and asks, "So you still love me?" Of course he does. At least until he gets on his high horse about something else.

VO: "But when life breaks down, when we break down, there's no science. No hard and fast rules. We just have to feel our way through. And to a surgeon, there's nothing worse. And there's nothing better."

Richard and George enter one of the observation decks and George asks if he's sure. The Chief answers that it is one thing to make a speech, but if he actually wants to make their teaching program the best, it starts here, with him. He admits he can't do anything about the flood, but he can make sure George gets to take his test, adding that he's earned it. George sits and the Chief starts a stopwatch as George breaks the seal. As George starts, Richard settles in with some work. For as much shit as I give these two, I do have the warm and fuzzies a little bit from the whole exchange. Don't worry, I'm sure it's temporary.

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