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Cristina is already sitting down playing with her phone when Meredith walks in and immediately tells her what's going on. No "hello," no "how's your day," no "I realize that my relationship both bores you and makes you angry." Cristina asks, "Since when does [Derek] say 'jump' and you jump?" I know this very good rhetorical question isn't actually going to be enough, and that makes me sad. For me. Mere tells her flatly, "I'm happy." Cristina corrects that Mere is pissed off, but on seeing that this isn't what Mere wants to believe, she sits up straighter and tells her to do whatever she wants. It's not a in a normal Cristina tone, though -- this is more like she's now making no sudden moves to scare Mere away.

The Chief takes the podium and in the audience, Hahn asks disdainfully if anyone knows "what the new rules are." From the row behind her, Mark leans over and whispers he's heard she's "into hand-holding, foot rubs, and late-night gab sessions." Hahn demands, "Excuse me?" Mark drops his head into his hands and then tells her he thought she was talking about her relationship with Callie. "I've been wrong before." Hahn looks really startled as the Chief starts speaking.

Richard's meeting has been called for him to announce (as promised last week) that he's implementing a new teaching protocol at Seattle Grace, both with new rules and old rules that will actually be enforced. Oh yeah, I'll believe that when I see it. Cut into his speech are scenes of everyone going about rounds later. Cristina gives the bullet on a patient named Jack who is in for an abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. She caught something on his last CT so she ordered a new one, and Hahn (shockingly genuinely) compliments her on catching it and gives her the patient. Richard breaks in and instead gives the patient to Alex. Both Jack and Alex look mildly uncomfortable about this.

Richard continues, to Cristina's dismay, to announce that first, second and third year residents will not be allowed to de facto specialize, as that's been getting in the way of getting a fully rounded surgical education. In case we forgot that Meredith lamely started leaning towards neuro because of her boyfriend, she's now giving the bullet on her patient, Barry. He's had chronic, debilitating headaches for the last seven years and no one can figure out why. He's in a darkened room, and she's speaking just above a whisper so as not to make his head hurt any worse. When Derek asks him to identify his pain level on a scale of one to ten, he says it's an eight. "It's always an eight." Since nothing else has worked, Derek is suggesting they do a partial frontal lobotomy. They go through all the horrific risks, including personality change and seizures, and Derek says that's why it's only a last resort. Sounds to me like he's made up his mind already, actually. Barry just chuckles resignedly at the idea of more tests -- the poor guy can't even handle Cristina talking in a normal voice or the beeping of his machines, so I'm sure the tests won't be a picnic. Richard pulls Meredith off the case and gives it to Cristina.

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