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Blame It On the Rain

George, meanwhile, looks excited and nervous, as I gather he should be, considering that he's finally taking his intern exam again. Richard introduces him to Dr. Epstein, who will proctor his test. The Chief asks if George is ready, and then reminds him that he'll have three hours from the time he breaks the seal on the test, and he's not allowed to leave the room for any reason until he's finished. In that case, speaking of breaking the seal, I advise George to put that water bottle away. Richard leaves and Dr. Epstein hands George the exam. George takes a deep breath, but still seems un-George-ishly calm and confident. He tells himself he can do this, and then very, VERY George-ishly adds that he's not married and cheating on his wife with his best friend this time. He concludes that "everything is just as it should be." But as he reaches to break the seal on the test, a drop of water splashes onto the front cover. The drips start coming steadily, and he and the proctor look up to see a sagging acoustic tile that's cracking and dripping.

Alex is wheeling Jack down the hall to have his CT, but the wheelchair is acting like a grocery store cart and isn't rolling very well. Alex comments that it's broken and as he's trying to fix it. Jack blandly tells him that this is just how things are around him. His toaster broke, his cat ran away, his porch collapsed, and his TV only shows the color green. Dude, look at that last one as an opportunity to go purchase a beautiful hi-def TV! At least that's what I'd do in about half a millisecond. Alex leaves to go get another chair -- not even scooting Jack to the side of the hallway, just leaving him sitting right in the middle of traffic. Jack tells Alex he'll just walk, and shuffles away to go get some coffee. Alex sees him and tries to convince him to get back in the chair, but his pleas are ineffective, and of course Jack slips on some water and cracks his head on the floor. Well, that isn't doing much to help the #12 ranking so far, I'm sure.

Cleary, Richard is thinking the same thing. He helps Jack to his feet along with Alex while apologizing profusely, and then tells Alex to get Jack a CT and to update Richard hourly on his condition. How convenient that that's where they were going already! He assures Jack he's going to be okay, and after Jack is wheeled away he looks at his own wet, sagging acoustic tile, which is where this whole thing started. Mike the Maintenance Guy comes by and explains that a pipe burst and that they have to turn off the water and isolate it. Richard's only thoughts, however, are coming from the deep inferiority complex that bloomed last week when they dropped in every ranking possible, and he blusters that they need water on the surgical floor to scrub in, clean and save lives. He tells Mike to take care of it with the water still on, and Mike shrugs and says he'll try. As if to prove that it's superior to these feeble humans, Richard then walks away and a leak elsewhere drips right onto this forehead. If only that were bird poo, that would be lucky! But, it's not, and so... it's not. George comes down the hall to ask about finding a new test room, but the look on Richard's face makes it clear that he needs to him to find a room himself, so he shuffles off with the proctor following.

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