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Hahn finds Callie to let her know they have a problem and his name is McSteamy. He knows. Callie gives a laugh and says that that's because she told him, and he's known from the beginning. Hahn doesn't take the news that the lecherous wise-ass of the staff knows about them very well. Okay, as they made out just outside the front doors of the hospital, I'd have to guess that more than just Mark figured out what was up. Also? How does Hahn not know that Callie and Mark are friends? Callie's shocked that Hahn doesn't have someone she talks to "about things," but Hahn says that that person is Callie, and that she likes her private life private. Okay, forget the specific example of Callie and Mark -- has she really never encountered friends/lovers/anyone who has a friend whom they confide in that isn't their significant other? This is one general beef I have with this show: they can take someone who seems to kick ass, and in giving them a personal life they make them immature and basically undermine any of the kick-assedness of before. It's what's bugged me about Lexie, too -- granted, we only met her for a second, but I don't believe in any way, shape or form that the little wide-eyed naïf is the same woman who could pick up Derek in a bar. Wow, how did I get here? To conclude, Hahn informs Callie that she especially wants things kept private from Mark. Behind them, Izzie wanders in and finds and apartment for rent sign on the bulletin board, which she takes with a smile.

Mere is with Shelly and Jenn, explaining that Shelly's surgery should be around two hours. When Jenn asks, Mere admits it could be longer if they find complications, but Shelly orders Jenn to quit it and to just call their parents to tell them it's two hours. I'm a little torn with these two -- on the one hand I so totally get wanting to look on the bright side, but on the other I get being realistic and worried. When she's not fighting with her sister, though, Shelly is as cute as a headscarf-wearing button, so I'll go with it this time. When Jenn storms out, Shelly explains that all Jenn has been able to talk about is her cancer, which is actually worse than the cancer itself. Shelly continues, "So I know I don't know you, but... spill." Mere's confused and asks her what, and Shelly pleads, "ANYTHING." She wants non-cancerous gossip. Man, this may be the #12 teaching hospital but it is #1 for good dirt. Mere thinks a moment, and asks, "Do you want to hear about my stupid boss, or my stupid boyfriend?" Okay, Richard always acts kind of stupid, but finally acting like a boss is supposed to act doesn't make him a "stupid boss." Derek, on the other hand, is really fitting that "stupid boyfriend" title like it was tailored to his specifications. And of course that's what Shelly wants to hear about!

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