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Said stupid boyfriend is prepping Barry for a test, assisted by Lexie and Cristina. They're going to give him "a variety of different stimuli" to see his brain wave pattern. Barry has had his hand over his eyes and groans a bit when he has to take it away, reporting when asked that the pain is still at an 8. The test starts, and it's very reminiscent of what the Others were doing to Carl while holding him prisoner on Lost. Derek goes around to watch the monitors but once there, rather than actually watching what is happening with regards to the patient whose frontal lobe he might remove, he tries to talk to Cristina about the roommates. She clearly doesn't want to take part and ignores his nattering on about how he's not being unreasonable. When he asks if she would want them out, she ignores him completely. He thinks a moment, then says they have to operate (how he'd know this, given that he's not been watching any of the test, I don't know) and bribes Cristina by telling her he'll let her drill burr holes by herself. She's clearly pissed and finally spits, "Fine, I'd want them out. Whatever." And Derek manages to sound even more condescending as he replies, "You would," before walking back around to talk to Barry. Lexie approaches Cristina and stutters that she thinks she has an idea. Cristina snaps at her that she shouldn't think, she should know, and sends her off to the lab for results.

Mere is helping wheel Shelly into surgery and concludes what is clearly her conundrum with, "But Izzie bakes, and Alex fixes things!" I'm so not on Derek's side (even though I would feel the same way) because he's being such a putz, but I'm fairly sure he'd fix things too, and even kill bugs. At least she's won't find herself alone with her cats and a cricket in her apartment and leap around like weenie and squeal for ten minutes before she's able to trap the admittedly harmless bug and toss it out the front door like I did the other night. Shelly tells Mere that if she were out in the world with a hot doctor boyfriend who wanted to move in, "I might forego the baked goods and repair work." Mere then alerts Shelly so she can check out Derek, but she probably would have figured who he was since he walks by and announces that Cristina thinks he should move the roommates out. Once he passes, Shelly swoons... over his hair. Mere, though, doesn't really have the wherewithal to swoon over his luscious locks since she's clearly in a tizzy about what he just said, and she resolutely announces that the hair is one of the things that makes her happy. Clearly it's a case of, "If I say it out loud enough times, it will become true." The being happy, I mean, not the spectacular hair.

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