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Meredith starts us off by musing, "When something begins, you generally have no idea how it's going to end." That's true, we just had an earthquake as I was typing and I spent a few seconds doing the, "Is this going to get worse, or end?" thing. She adds, "The house you were going to sell becomes your home." Hmm. So a little bit different, I guess. The morning after the wedding, Mere and Derek are still in front of the fireplace, wedding decorations everywhere. "The roommates you were forced to take in become your family, and the one-night stand you were determined to forget becomes the love of your life." Derek wakes up Mere by stroking her face and tells her that he's been trying to figure out how to get to the brain tumor out of the head of one of those roommates. He's grinning because he thinks he's figured it out, and then tells Mere that once Izzie is clear they'll go get married on the beach in the Bahamas, where you can actually have drinks during the ceremony. Now that is my kind of wedding!

I didn't realize how long it had been since we had an establishing shot of a ferry, and it's a nice touch now that Derek is marrying his ferry boat. Alex is helping Izzie walk through the hospital, and she looks tons better than when we saw her last. She explains to a worried Alex that she has good days and bad days and wants to be up and around rather than just spend their entire honeymoon in a hospital bed. Alex thinks this isn't their honeymoon but Izzie assures him that it is. She is taking him to meet her patient friends, which he doesn't want to be a big deal, and she assures him it won't be. That said, she waltzes into the room, holds out her hand with a big white plastic ring with small, colored rhinestones embedded and sings, "I'm a briiiiide." Since everyone is in the room is getting chemo, they make a captive audience for Alex to assure them he's getting Izzie a real ring. She tells him that she loves this one and that makes it a real wedding ring, which I actually find totally charming and sweet -- and who would have thought I'd come around so much as to ever say that about Izzie? Anyhoo, she introduces him to Austin, Star, Meg, Miguel and Allison. (Allison is Paris from Gilmore Girls, which I loved, but it also made it a bit distracting when I kept forgetting her name was "Allison" and wondering who they were talking about.) Of course, on this occasion where guests are actually given names clearly and early on in the episode, it's totally moot, because we'll only ever see Allison again. She wants Alex to turn around so she can check out his butt and when Izzie fakes him out saying there's a trauma in the hall, Allison gets an eyeful and declares it, "quality booty." She then congratulates Izzie.

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