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Cristina and Swender are in the other OR, manhandling Allison's bowel. Cristina reports no perforation but Swender yells at her to run it again, sure that it's there. As she works, Cristina sighs, "So much for IL2." Swender must be having some of the same thoughts, or else she wouldn't have immediately jumped down Cristina's throat, demanding to know if Cristina thought this was her fault. Cristina is surprised and very sincerely denies it, but obviously Swender's been bouncing this around in her subconscious, at the very least. She vehemently defends what she's done, reminding Cristina that there is no cure for cancer and instead it's just doctors fighting as hard as they can, which means using horrible toxins that can very occasionally kill the patient. Whoopsie! She reminds Cristina that Allison has had 2 years after a prognosis of 3 months, so Swender isn't giving up on Allison or the IL2, and neither is Cristina. Yeah, say that all you want, but while I don't at all think she pins this on Swender, I also think she's kind of giving up on the IL2.

Mark finds Lexie and manages to admit that he was asking her to move in if she wants to. Lexie is stunned but happy, since she would like to move in, although not right away. Of course, as Mark suggests a year, she suggests ten years. Wait, what? Both Mark and I wonder what the hell as Lexie goes on to explain how she'll be a resident for six more years and then she'll want to get her practice up and running. I can't believe that they sucked me in and made me believe and like this couple, and now they are having Lexie spout this absolute stupid crap out of left field. I don't know any person, no matter what your thoughts or beliefs, that sets a goal of dating someone for ten years but oh boy, then they'll move in together! They negotiate on the years a bit, but she's got the excuse of still being a resident at the ready. Mark reminds her about Izzie, Alex, Meredith and Bailey -- all residents who are happily married or about to be so. Well... sort of, at least. Lexie then gets nervous and stutters as she asks if Mark just asked her to marry him. He didn't, but he tries to act suave as he asks, "Why, would you?" Lexie manages to squeak, "Should we be having this conversation?" and Mark admits probably not, so they both run off their separate ways. But seriously, what the heck? She's been basically shacking up with him but now living with him will thwart her career plans? This is just dumb all around, and feels like they didn't have anything for these two in the finale so they decided on the fly to write up this drivel for them.

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