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Bailey is still giggling as she heads out of another surgery with a very smug Richard who gives Arizona a pointed look as they walk up. Arizona makes her own move and saunters over to Bailey to congratulate her. After a moment Bailey remembers to ask about Arizona's surgery, and Arizona reports that it went amazing and the kid will make a full recovery. She admits that's why she wanted Bailey there -- because the kids they can save almost make up for the ones they can't. She's off to go monitor the kid and then tell his family the good news and invites Bailey to stop by and "See the joy." That said, she smiles proudly at the Chief and walks off while he shows off his angry squinty face in her direction.

Izzie shuffles into the ICU to see Allison, who is unconscious and on a ventilator. From a distance she watches as Swender tells them about the surgery, and how they couldn't finish because she was too unstable. Cristina looks away from the grieving parents and brother to watch Izzie, and then turns back as the family tries to get assurances that Allison will come out of this okay. Swender is overcome and unable to finish, so Cristina jumps in and gently breaks it to them that she probably won't be able to come off the ventilator. Swender just stares with giant wide and an air of desperate panic about her as the family breaks down, and Cristina turns back to Izzie, who has been watching everything.

Izzie then escapes to the faux seaside with Denny and stares at the "sky" with tears in her eyes until she realizes someone is calling her name.

George shows up in response to a page -- remember, these two used to be friends and George used to get more than two lines an episode? She still doesn't know what to do and figures she's dying either way, and asks George to tell her what to do. George, however, has the first calm and logical response to her plea: she knows what to do. She argues this but he points out that she's scared, and that's the only reason she's waffling, but that she made the decision back when she decided to fight the cancer in the first place. He tells her to look at how far she's come, to be a great surgeon and teacher (albeit with mania and drastic mood swings, only some of which can be explained away by the cancer) and then puts his arm around her. She leans into him and cries, in a scene that reminds me of how I liked when these two were really just best friends lo those many seasons ago, and he tells her, "You know exactly what you have to do."

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