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Decisions, Decisions

Bailey finds Swender and Callie both looking like empty husks of people in one of the lounges, and when she asks what is wrong Callie mumbles that she cut off a healthy leg and feels like a butcher even though it was for the guy's own good. Swender can't believe that her miracle case is on life support after she thought the miracle really was complete and adds that she hates this job sometimes. Callie adds a similar sentiment, so Bailey puts on her no-nonsense voice and orders them to follow her.

The two shuffle along behind Bailey, no longer giggling, and she leads them to pediatrics where Arizona is in a room hugging two happy parents while one of the cutest little boys on the planet beams from in the bed. I know I've seen this kid before somewhere but can't place it -- but damn, he could solve world peace with his precious little face, all neuroblastoma-free. Bailey tells them, "We came to see that," but Callie doesn't get it until Bailey explains, "The joy. It comes around rarely, so rarely we forget it can happen, but that. That's why we do this. The joy." Both of the other doctors smile -- a little bit sadly, but they are still smiles.

Meredith's VO starts, showing that this really was two fully separate episodes of the show that ABC lumped into a solid time block for good finale ratings. "We spend our whole lives worrying about the future. Planning for the future. Trying to predict the future." Cristina is in Owen's Jeep and he asks her if she'll come with him. We don't know where, and we don't know what she does as Mere goes on. "As if figuring it out will somehow cushion the blow."

"But the future is always changing." At an Army recruiting center, a guy walks into the office of the man in charge and says they have one more, a doctor who has to do it today. He leaves and there's a knock at the door, which opens...

On Edna, having moved from Everwood to Seattle. While she stares, disbelieving, Meredith says, "The future is the home of our darkest fears." After a moment Edna asks, "Owen?" Cristina is in fact standing next to him as he says hello to his mother and tells her he's home; she then grabs him in a desperate bear hug and cries while Owen closes his own eyes and holds her, and by now I'm crying, too, because of all the things that get me, old people crying is up very near to the top of the list. "And our wildest hopes." Cristina gives a little bit of a smile as they continue to hug.

"But one thing is certain. When it finally reveals itself... the future is never the way we imagined it." The Army paperwork is handed back to the officer, who shakes someone's hand and welcomes him to the Army. And with that, the camera pans over to reveal that it's George, and we fade to the title card, having most likely not imagined this (unless you read spoilers).

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