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Hunt finds Cristina and reports that he had a good session with his doctor that morning but instead of giving him his own congratulations, she asks if he talked about his mom and if he's seen her, reminding the viewing audience at home that she lives nearby and thinks Owen is still in Iraq. He's super-uncomfortable and manages to say he's planning to see her, but when she asks him pointedly when, he's got no answer and she walks away. George then walks up to Hunt, confused to work with him since George isn't on trauma today.

The guys walk into a room where Callie is studying an X-ray that looks like a series of nails running through a bone. And that x-ray belongs to none other than Matt Saracen! I guess it's a good thing he graduated from high school and his football career earlier this year. He tells Hunt that his C.O. told him a lot about Owen and the two joke about their mutual friend. Matt is in the Army, and while Callie tells him nothing is functionally wrong with his leg; he explains that he can't do anything without pain, and that medications and physical therapy don't work. While it could be nerve damage or chronic pain syndrome, they could look into different ways to help him manage the pain, but she tells him there is nothing she can do. He thinks, however, that there is. "You could cut it off." He wants that so that he can get a prosthetic and go back to Iraq where he is needed.

Shockingly, Callie doesn't seem too keen on the idea and in the hallway demands to know if Hunt knew that's why Matt came here. He avoids answering and instead asks if it's unreasonable; she think that cutting off a viable limb is dismemberment, so yes. She and Hunt argue -- he points out that Matt is only 19 and thought he had his whole life figured out. He tells her that many soldiers have gone back with prosthetics but she wonders if any of those amputations were voluntary. Hunt doesn't know, but he tries to make her feel guilty by pointing out that Matt's C.O. sent him there because he trusts Hunt. George pipes up to suggest they do a new set of scans and an epidural for the pain. (I have no idea what the epidural has to do with Callie's decision, so maybe it's unrelated but George didn't explain that well?) She grudgingly agrees to it but declares that if the scans show the leg is healthy, she isn't cutting it off. George and Hunt exchange raised eyebrows which she can't see.

Arizona finds Bailey and asks if she is busy, but Bailey tells her that depends. "You have any more dying children you want me to become over-attached to before they expire?" But no, this time Arizona actually has something uplifting -- an 8-year-old with neuroblastoma, and she's certain he's going to live. "So scrub in with me and see the joy!" But before Bailey can answer, Richard asks to borrow her for a moment.

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