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Finds herself on the fakest beach set since "The Sun Also Sets" in Soapdish. She's wearing a bikini and big gold hoop earrings (which seems to be a total TV thing, because in real life I've never worn big earrings to the beach and never see anyone else doing it either) and sitting in a lounge chair, with Denny in a chair next to her. But seriously, guys, you film this show in LA -- could you have not gotten a real beach for this hallucination? She's wearing a gorgeous, HUGE diamond ring and she and Denny discuss how many kids she wants to have. She wants to have them close together and wonders why she should wait -- especially if this surgery renders her unable to practice medicine because then she won't mind since she's looking after her kids. Denny keeps agreeing with her and when she asks why, he reminds her that he IS her, and that she's just talking to her own tumor. He then asks if she's going to have the surgery but he should know already that she doesn't have the answer.

Once she comes back from the beach, she walks down the hall with Alex while Cristina and Meredith trail behind. It looks like her options right now boil down to possibly losing her memory or possibly dying (and seriously, if she loses her memory it seems like she's still got the chance of dying on top of that) and she wants Alex to tell her what to do. Despite his sometimes acting like a caveman, he tells Iz he can't decide for her, even when she says that's what husbands do. He says that his job is to support what she wants to do, so since she's been thwarted she tries to put it to a vote. Of course no one is into that idea, either, but Alex tells her to just think about it. Unfortunately, as she points out, she doesn't really have time to think.

Matt and Hunt are joking around as George works, and when Hunt again references Matt's C.O., it gives Matt hope that Hunt thinks he will be able to go back. George then asks, with genuine curiosity, why Matt would want to cut off his leg to go to war. Matt's answer conveniently parallels George's life as he talks about how his family doesn't get him, and how he has nothing in common with them but that his guys in Iraq are his real family. A quick shot of Hunt shows he's taking some of this to heart. Matt adds that everything they got into in Iraq, they did together, but here he is alone and he's having a hard time trying to be just a regular person. There are lots of things he wanted to do, but none of them are here. George chews on all of this while Hunt nods sagely.

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