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As has happened so often lately, we begin this episode at night -- Thanksgiving Eve, to be precise. Mere is waiting in the darkened skills lab, and she VOs, "The best gift I ever got was for Christmas when I was 10: my very first suture kit. I used it until my fingers bled, and then I tried to use it to stitch up my fingers. It put me on the path to becoming a surgeon." It turns out she's there because the Chief paged her, though she doesn't seem too excited to see him. He wants to say something about the other night -- he claims it wasn't what she thinks, and even though she looks terribly uncomfortable and tries to say his personal life is none of her business, he presses on. He goes into a lengthy explanation of how he diagnosed himself with alcoholism 20 years previously, but now he realizes that while it was bad, it wasn't alcoholism but was "situational depression." Meredith seems skeptical until he basically says that "situation" was her mother, and Mere laughs and agrees that Ellis escalated her drinking as well. His long, justifying explanation is basically a giant red flag with, "I'm a relapsing alcoholic!" displayed on it, and those words begin flashing in lights when he asks if she's told anyone else about what she saw. She hasn't, so he changes the subject, flattering her raw talent which he claims to have noticed since he stopped operating. He then asks her if she'd like a mentor. Mere VO's, "My point is, sometimes the best gifts come in really surprising packages." Well, this scene describes that but your surgeon mother giving you a suture kit, and that helping make you interested in surgery, isn't really surprising whatsoever, actually. She seems to be just willfully ignoring the very large string attached to this offer, which is that she continue to not mention his drinking non-problem to anyone.

Cristina and Hunt are having a much better time, making out like horny teenagers in the on-call room until Cristina gets paged. She's excited to see that it's from Teddy, and she runs off leaving Hunt clearly frustrated.

Derek sees what Mere seems to be ignoring, which is that this situation is odd, but of course he's Derek so he thinks it's all about him, and that Richard is doing this to get to Derek. Because why wouldn't this have to do with Derek, since he is a Neuro God and the very life blood of the hospital? Good lord, McDreamy, get off it. Mere shuts down the conversation and instead they get mushy and start making out. Thank goodness something will shut him up.

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